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Dr. Leo Rebello

Health Crisis. There is hardly a person to whom the question of health is not a matter of interest and concern. The incidence and variation of illnesses are growing at an alarming rate across this planet and a vast number of people today have come to expect a lifetime of low and indifferent health.

This is because of the pollution in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the thoughts we ingest, has grown unimaginably in recent times. Current Health Philosophy's 'fixit' focus on treatment rather than prevention, on suppressing symptoms rather than addressing primary causes, on finding instant cures to counter unhealthy lifestyles, have produced chemical medicines which are ineffective and injurious to one's overall health.

And Yet. the sufferings and the loss are not all inevitable. Much of this scourge can be avoided by widespread enlightenment of the public. That health is a personal responsibility. That simple principles and methods of holistic health maintenance, many of which have been tried and tested for centuries, can yield the best and most cost effective results towards a prolonged and healthy life.

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Nature Cure and Yoga Therapy by Dr. Leo Rebello

Nature & Yoga Therapy contains chapters like Fasting, Massage, Magnets, Homeo Remedies. This book contains 25 Chapters is as good as reading 25 books.

KNOW THESE 10 BEST DOCTORS OF THE WORLD: Dr. Pure Air (Oxygen), Dr. Pure Water, Dr. Healthy Diet, Dr. Rest (sleep), Dr. Yoga (exercise), Dr. Sunlight, Dr. Merryman (humour), Dr. Love (not hate), Dr. Sex (natural) and Dr. Leo Rebello. If you follow their advice properly, you will live to be Healthy Hundred without Ills, Pills and Bills.

The consequent pain and suffering which innumerable individuals and families undergo defy description and the world's loss, on this account can hardly be measured.

Important Notice: The aim of this website is to inform and educate people that 'Health Care is Self Care'. Hence, dependence on chemicals and mercenary doctors is injurious to your health. Prescription addiction, incidentally, is more than the street drug addiction. Consumers assert for your Right to Know, Right to Health, Right to Safety, Right to Speak Up. Down with Pharma cartels, Medicine and Vaccine Mafia. It is our Health and no one has the Right to Mess Up! Don't gamble, Don't cheat, and Don't depend on Devil Doctors who over-prescribe drugs. Period.

Some friends have commented that I should be more diplomatic. To them I say, 'Diplomacy is Hypocrisy'. True to my first name Leo (Lion), my family name Rebello (Rebel) and my sun sign Aries (fire), I cannot be otherwise.  

Cancer Spreads in your body.


A scientist was working on an important project and his children were disturbing him. So that he could work in peace, he tore a page which contained a world map into pieces and and gave them to the children saying: "I tore this world map by mistake. Would you please put it together and bring it to me?".

The children ran out with those pieces and the scientist took a sigh of relief thinking he could now concentrate on his work. But lo and behold, the children returned within no time. The world map was nicely stuck together. The scientist was astounded and asked the children how they could do this so swiftly?

Simple, they answered: behind we saw there was a picture of a man.. When the picture of the man was complete, the world map on the other side was complete.

The moral of the story: In all that we do, we must work for the welfare of man (meaning the lowliest) and the world will be in place (meaning peace will prevail).

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