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AIDS - Trace Minerals Famine Immune Weakness

Compiled and Edited by Dr. Leo Rebello

New science calls for all the trace minerals in food to stop AIDS the Immune Weakness Plague

Today's food lacks trace minerals in food. We live with a trace minerals deficiency problem. We are trapped in an accidentally man-made Trace Minerals Famine, which today causes immune weakness and the contemporary Aids problem.

Aids - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Trough trace minerals deficiency in our modern food

Immunity is all minerals chemistry

Life is an all

minerals process

Any trace minerals deficiency causes immune weakness and degeneration

Better human immunity - Immune enhancement through natural human food of all trace minerals quality

Our food chain lacks in vital trace minerals that affects plants, animals and humans. Sick soil, sick plants, sick humans.

The trees are nature's only trace minerals rotating tool. Without adequate tree cover nature's trace mineral treasure is washed down and out of reach for short rooted vegetation, the vegetation that provides our food. With the removal of the tree, nature's trace mineral rotator, we have placed ourselves in a trace minerals famine. Consequently, we are suffering. Peter Staheli's All Mineral Theory blames trace mineral deficiency in our modern food for unnatural spread of Aids.

New research shows that the people who have another source of all trace minerals reaching their bloodstream to feed a vigorous natural immunity helps to fend off Aids. They have alternative source of drinking water, from artesian bores, deep wells or ground water resources.

Any underground water naturally carries virtually all the 92 minerals that Earth is made up of. Whether the water is from the famous springs in Switzerland, the Australian Artesian Basin, an African country well, or any other place on the Globe. They are all equal in respect of all trace mineral quality and suitability for human consumption for the benefit of natural immunity. The miraculous healing power of underground water is old and proven wisdom. Therefore, spring water is sold all around the world today because of its health benefits.

Therefore, to remove hunger from Sub Saharan Africa and tackle the AIDS pandemic, drill a deep well and harvest the drinking water for the whole community.

Peter Staheli also offers an agricultural methodology to overcome this current Trace Minerals Famine.

It is an easy way to lift us out of this trace minerals famine and return us to natural immunity and natural health. This all trace minerals fertilizer carries the exact proportions of trace minerals like sea water, which is the cradle of human life. One application on agricultural land and grazing land will last for 10 years. The cost to apply this all trace minerals fertilizer would be half of an application of, for example, Super Phosphate and without any dangerous effect. Through this new science we are able to restore our planting and grazing lands to full natural all trace minerals quality as it was before we ruined our planting and grazing land.

This all trace mineral means can be taken in at costs of about One Australian Dollar per person per yearand is easily available in any quantity of never ending supply.

Through this new science. Aids and Cancer and many other neo-civilization ills could be naturally prevented and we could once again enjoy vibrant health.

Our modern food has become lethally deficient in trace minerals leading to unintentional Trace Minerals Famine. This kind of famine is totally manmade. Nature has not changed, but we have changed the nature of our existence. And through this change we call on degeneration and all its natural consequences where Aids plays an ever increasing role.

Past famine experience and old farming wisdom tells us the real story. Such history reveals that famines and widespread malnutrition has always been the source of immune weakness, odd ills and epidemics. Aids played a major role in all the historic famines. Aids played a role in all the ancient cultures where wrong nutrition and drugs interfered with the natural immunity of the population. Aids is not a new illness, but due to its insignificance has never been recognized until our modern society has fallen itself into nature's Aids Trap through mass food production of inferior quality and abusive lifestyle.

Apart from our contemporary all trace minerals deficiency our food today is also becoming increasingly less suitable for human digestion that is of herbivorous characteristic. Our ill selected modern food and junk-food causes a build up of unaccustomed uric acid in the human body. Our modern food market generally offers foods that are predominant in acid (non-metallic) minerals. An intake of such predominant acid quality is not suitable for the human (prevailing-herbivorous) digestion. Consequently, our modern predominantly acid foods are fostering illness through unnatural build up of uric acid in the human body.

Nature's Trace Minerals Rotation with the tall and deep-rooted trees.

The giant tree is nature's Trace Mineral Rotator. Through its deep reaching roots the tree enriches itself with all the trace minerals. Through its leaves this all trace mineral treasure is spread again and again all over the surface of Earth for the benefit of short rooted vegetation. The all trace minerals quality (pink color) is evenly distributed and accessible to all vegetation. The food chain is still in natural order. Below: The Trace Minerals Rotation is out of action Our contemporary agricultural land is treeless. The Trace Mineral Rotation is dead and consequently man and livestock are trapped in a Trace Minerals Famine. The food chain has become defective in trace minerals.

The trace minerals are still naturally washed down by rainwater. Consequently the top soil becomes more and more deficient in trace minerals. The trace minerals (pink color) are not evenly distributed anymore, but washed down into the deep layers of the soil and, therefore, out of reach for short rooted vegetation. The roots of vegetables, wheat and other human plant foods cannot reach down to the deeper soil layers to enrich themselves with all the vital trace minerals. Also our modern human food chain has become defective in trace minerals. Consequently this deficiency in trace minerals starves the human immune system of vital minerals for its anti bodies biochemistry. Aids and Cancer are classic immune deficiency syndromes and even our younger generation suffers from these syndromes because they cannot escape this lethal Trace Mineral Famine.

The natural nutrition is composed of 92 chemical elements. Humans are omnivorous creatures. As a result there is uric acid accumulation in the human body which is the root cause of serious diseases.

What is Life? Life is a self-propelled biochemical process that originated in the sea. For such an immensely complex biochemical life process needs all the minerals to be able to perform naturally. Human intelligence mired in information age mumbo-jumbo will never be able to comprehend it completely. What for example do we know about our brain functions, how do we think and memorize? Our science knows very little about this. Therefore, we need to approach our modern health dilemma with logic evolutionary facts and not with medical guesswork. Good health and a long life is achievable only with the true natural food.

What is Immunity? Immunity is a biochemical process that controls the genetic blueprint of a species. The immunity controls the precise cell-growth as programmed by specific DNA. Any strange growth as for example cancerous growth is chemically suppressed, chemically attacked and chemically removed. Any strange matter that enters the living system is chemically neutralized and rendered harmless. The immune system memorizes thousands of environmental enemies through experience during evolution and has an antibody recipe for each one. Any known stranger, be it cancerous growth, a poison or a parasite will be destroyed. Naturally, such a complex immune protection for such an immense number of different evolutionary enemies needs an immense assortment of antibodies to neutralize them all. Therefore, food deficient in trace minerals interferes with full antibody variety, which is simply " immune weakness". Naturally, the Trace Minerals Famine we live in today restricts the full capacity of our immune system and that is immune weakness.

What is AIDS? Here is a more logical version of Aids. AIDS = acquired immune deficiency syndrome is a natural degeneration illness. The AIDS syndrome is natural immune deficiency that comes up in old age. In old age a wasted organism loses its natural immune capacity and this opens the way for the parasites to intervene to finish a spent life. If there is no intruding parasite, cancer will do its natural task of eliminating spent life. Aids and cancer have much in common. Both are natural degeneration syndromes and eliminators of old immune weak spent life. However, nature's old age AIDS syndrome can also come up in a young body that is artificially brought into biological old age condition. The biological life process can be rendered to unnatural conditions that causes old age reactions. Such artificial immune weakness can be acquired through several reasons:

A : Due to birth defect or accident where organ disability or gland disability hinders or deviates the natural immune process.

B : Due to trace-mineral deficiency in the bloodstream caused through food deficient in trace minerals. Trace mineral deficiency starves the immune system and disables it to produce its natural and complex antibodies assortment. A defective mineral supply in the bloodstream hinders the immunity in its natural task and such a situation means immune weakness.

C : Due to chemical interference. Unnatural chemicals from drugs, medication and artificial food items can derail and disable the immune biochemistry. The immunity fights such unnatural intrusions and becomes so occupied with this that its natural task is neglected. The immune system of a person has its capacity and overstressing this ability means again immune weakness. The immune capacity of each individual person is different, it can be inherited, acquired through individual lifestyle or through accidental circumstances. That is why some individuals are more susceptible to the collapse of the immunity (Aids) as others.

What about Vaccination? There is no vaccine against "old age and infirmity". Vaccination or other means to fight Aids are helpless. Restoration of the immunity, in young age, to keep the Aids away is the only way. Keeping the blood stream toxin-free and internal organs in optimum working condition is the only answer.

Any philosophy that conquers the Aids problem with drugs instead of natural restoration of the immunity verges on quackery.

Other issues of this new natural food research

AIDS the Trace Minerals Famine Pandemic. CANCER Plague and today's Trace Minerals Famine. Harry M. Hoxsey's secret alternative cancer treatment is found. Ovine Johnes Disease Immune Weakness through Trace Minerals Deficiency in Food. Bovine Johnes Disease Immune Weakness through Trace Minerals Deficiency in Food. Foot and Mouth Disease Immune weakness - The trace minerals deficiency disease. Biological Warfare A minority can crush a superpower Bio-Terrorism is simple to apply in our contemporary rural Trace Minerals Famine.

Electricity and Bioelectricity Research

Powerlines Research has found that Electric Powerlines cause illness. Static Electricity A hidden and lethal danger in modern life. Bio-electric null Static electricity interferes with our bioelectrical life process. Motion Sickness New Science and facts about Motion Sickness. Bermuda Triangle Static electricity is the culprit. Cloning genetic engineering Enfeebled evolution, defective nutrition, electrostatic interference.

Leaving the path of prevention has been the biggest mistake of man the present way is destined for ruin

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