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Anti-Biotics v/s Pro-Biotics

By Dr. Leo Rebello

Question: What is "Bio"? Answer: Bio/bios means "living being". Therefore, "biotic" is that which pertains to life. What is pro? - For. What is anti? - Against. The meaning of antibiotic, therefore, is that which is against life. Probiotic is that which supports life. In this light let us look at some of the assaults that are made on our bodies from morning till evening because of our modern living.

(a) Bottled water has become a craze now. Before long we will have water wars coming. We can take up that issue later. Presently, let us look at the bottled water content. Not many know that the bottled water industry puts anti-freeze in plastic water bottles so they won't freeze in transportation. FDA, which is to ensure our safety, I am sure has approved this practice and will ensure that it is within "safe levels". The next question is : what about plastic contamination of water?

(b) Likewise, there is anti-freeze in soft drinks which give them sparkle. If you have six to eight glasses of bottled water per day and one or two Cokes, is it still within "safe levels"? If Coke or Pepsi is tinned, what about cadmium and arsenic poisoning? Do we ever question what we eat and drink?

(c) Fluoride is a waste product and the biggest thief of our electrons. In other words Fluoride is life-sapping. It's now put into our water (I'm sure it is in safe levels!) and added to our toothpastes and mouthwashes, ostensibly to prevent tooth decay and bad breath. But bad breath is due to several factors - stomach acidity, ulcers, spongy gums, dental cavities, cancers, asthma, bronchitis, chronic cold, throat problem, infected tonsils, mumps, tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc. Can fluoride in mouth washes mask the bad breath, and for how long?

(d) Aspertame, when it reaches 97 degrees becomes formaldehyde. It is the sweetener added to our soft drinks and diet foods. We are made to believe that all this is within "safe levels". However, when you add all of these together, is our safety being compromised? What are the consumer organisations doing about it? Either they are ignorant of the facts or they are facade organisations.

(e) What about MSG (monosodium glutamate) that is added in our salad dressings, dips, etc? MSG is an excito-toxin and burns out our cells.

(f) Then we have "life saving" antibiotics for every ailment. Let us look at antiseptics which are included in mouthwash, toothpaste, hand soaps, cleansers, band aids, etc. These are made of destructive bacteria and chemicals.

(g) Cigarette smoking and/or tobacco chewing is yet another big problem. There are three hundred chemical additives that, when burned, they become six hundred chemical additives including formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide all known carcinogens which are constantly being added to our bodies and to the atmosphere when released with every puff. Are these in safe levels? Remarkably, tobacco is the only product that is totally unregulated and is advertised as causing disease and death, yet it remains on the market and we provide spittoons and smoking enclosures to these people with loathsome habits. In our building lives a couple; both "lecturers" in "prestigious colleges". Both smoke like chimneys and have produced an autistic child. When morons like these teach, what kind of awareness the future generation would have?

(h) And how can we forget Vaccines? In my childhood, I received only one vaccine, whose pockmark I still have on my left arm. Today, according to the CDC's recommended "immunization" schedule (by the way Vaccination is not Immunisation), a child receives 36 shots containing a total of 126 vaccines from birth to six years of age. There are something like 30,000 'dis-eases', so will you give 30,000 vaccines to people? What pseudo science is that? What con business is that? In America they have now made vaccination mandatory and that explains why America is the sickest nation (pun intended) in the world.

So, now we have anti-freeze, fluoride, formaldehyde and mercury in our bodies. These are all negative chemicals and serve to break down our precious probiotics thus compromising our digestive systems. And 90% diseases are abdomen related. Stress and poor digestion destroy bacteria; probiotics support bacteria. Antibiotics, which threaten our lives, are labelled as "life saving" drugs. Probiotics like curds, sprouts, fruits, vegetables, herbs, living water are labelled as "dangerous" because they contain deadly germs, e-coli etc. You are encouraged to guzzle coca cola and pepsi which contain cocaine, but the municipal authorities close down fresh sugar cane juice stalls, roadside fruit juice stalls, and bhel puri and pani puri, even though it has been proved that five-star recycled food contains more e-coli.

Now there is this Swine Flu racket. Schools, Malls are closed due to panic reaction. But filthy meat shops, abattoirs, and infectious disease hospitals where diseases spread due to cross infection are kept open. The Govt. gives advertisements and newspapers run front page newsitems promoting Tamiflu when Neem, Tulsi, Ginger, Ginseng, Onion and Garlic and several effective homeopathic or biochemic medicines are available in plenty.

Pray,where is the FDA or the so-called World Health Organisation and dime a dozen other agencies that are supposed to be protecting us from these dangers? May be they are there to prey on us.

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