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Bio-Testing and Bio-Therapy

By Rev. Dr. Fred Fox 21, Halewood Road, Liverpool, L25 3PH, U.K.

In every country, the public is being vaccinated; X-Rays taken in hospitals leave behind poisonous waste residue in the body; medicines regularly taken also leave settled Toxic matter in the body tissues. These Poisons block the passage of the blood circulation in the fine capillaries; and also the Lymphatic Glands secretions and toxicity collects in the cells.

The buildup of the Toxins in the body leads to the gradual deterioration of the body health; and many kinds of diseases ranging from Pituitary Gland Toxification, Heart, Liver, Pancreas, Arthritis, Asthma etc. develop in the patients.

The Dr. Fred Fox method is an invaluable latest methodology to :

1.. Diagnose the cause of the Toxicity buildup in the body;

2.. Identify the Poisons trapped in the body tissues;

3.. Locate the body areas where the Toxic matter is trapped.

4.. Remove the Toxic matter by helping the body to manufacture Anti-Toxins using Radionics Vibrationary 21st Century medicine methods; based on Microbe/Chemical Toxicity combated by Bio-Chemic Cell Salts, Homeopathic and Dr. Bach's Flower Remedies and Magnets, Colour Therapy with Acupressure.

This unique scientific system, pioneered by the German Doctor, R. Voll and perfected by Rev. Fred Fox, using Radionics Vibrationary Tapes is being taught both in UK and India. - Editor.

The Challenge : In 1962, the World Health Organisation called together health experts from all over the world to meet in Alma Ata, USSR, and debate the health crisis facing mankind. Despite the advance of scientific medicine over the past hundred years, there was little prospect that conventional medicine could conquer disease and bring good health to the rapidly expanding populations of the world. It would be necessary to enlist the help of all other modalities of heath care which has proved their value in various contries throughout the ages. And so the experts decided to found an organization precisely to encourage research and the exchange of experience in alternative forms of health care. That was the origin of Medicina Alternativa. The experts also decided to set a goal to aim for, and a motto to crystalize: Good Health for All by the year 2000.

Today this goal with its motto, seems to be utterly unattainable: a pipe dream from the original band of experts who met in Alma Ata; a relic of their idealism and enthusiasm. However, that goal should not necessarily be abandoned now because it appears unattainable. Experience in psychology indicates that if one does not set goals, ideals remain unfulfilled; whereas dreams crystallized into definite goals, generally come true.


With modern methods of communication (radio, television, videos and the printed word) information and know-how can be shared with millions of people world-wide in a matter of minutes. Barriers of distance, language and illiteracy can be overcome through the use of sound and graphics intelligible to all. The greatest obstacle to the achievement of our goal is that of content. The message is far too complex. With dozens of modalities (Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Osteopathy, etc.), each requiring profound knowledge and years of training to attain proficiency, how can one ever hope to make any of them available to all of mankind by the year 2000? To be successful, the message must be brief, within the compass of ordinary people and applicable to everyone with a health problem. Likewise, the cost of training equipment and medicine must be kept very low.

With regard to content, the message must provide :

1.. a simple formula for identifying physiological faults in the body which underlie health problems;

2.. a simple formula for identifying chemicals, microbes, and inherited factors which cause the physiological faults or aggravate them;

3.. simple and effective methods of neutralizing these toxic substances and enabling the body to detoxify itself;

4.. simple forms of self-help so that people can co-operate in their recovery and avoid disease in the future.

Hopefully such a message does exist today. It is based on discoveries made by a German medical doctor, Reinhold Voll, and colleagues in various countries since 1955. Dr. Voll discovered:

1.. How to measure the energy level of bio-points (life-energy points used in acupuncture) quickly and objectively with an electronic device.

2.. How to assess the health of organs and their parts in the body through the biopoints that are energetically related to them, so that health problems can be researched objectively, in detail and in depth.

3.. How to use acu-points to identify toxic substances (chemical and microbes) which are interfering with the energy level and normal functioning of organs related to the point. How to remove chemicals and microbes from the body immediately by electrical stimulation of affected acu-points.

4.. How to identify homeopathic antidotes and remedies to help the body detoxify itself and regain health. How to check up on their effectiveness.

Furthermore, Dr. Voll discovered :

1.. That in addition to the 12 pairs of energy channels (meridians) used in traditional acupuncture, there are 8 other pairs These provide vital information about the nervous system, deep and superficial lymphatics, micro-circulation, myelin tissue, connective tissue, skin and joints.

2.. That the acu-points in the hands and the feet are a complete system on their own for testing and treating the body; a readily accessible mini bio-point system.

These discoveries make it possible to identify physiological faults in any organ or system of the body quickly and reliably. However, dependence upon instruments for testing has proved to be a major obstacle to their widespread acceptance and use. The protocol for testing devised by Dr. Voll also proved to be too complex for most practitioners to master. A final obstacle was the lack of scientifically acceptable methods for testing the reliability of this system. For these reasons, and despite excellent clinical results, Dr. Voll's discoveries were dismissed by the medical world as unfounded and unscientific. Therefore, they remain largely unknown, unheralded and unused today. Modern man refuses to receive the light.

A breakthrough was made by the author early in 1990 when he discovered that bio-points can quickly, easily and objectively be tested simply by touching them with a fingertip and then checking the reaction of a muscle in the webbing between the thumb and forefinger of the testee's hand. If muscle (Adductor transversus pollicis) thickens, hardens or goes into spasm it is a signal that the information picked up from the bio-point by the sensory nerves in the fingertips and transmitted to the brain is out of harmony with that person's life-force and that there is a toxic substance in the vascular system of the organ related to the bio-point. If, however, there is no reaction, it means that the related organ is stable.

Most toxic substances are well buffered in body tissue and do not register on bio-points. In the course of therapy they emerge one after the other into the vascular system where they affect the automatic innervation. The bio-point related to the affected areas react and register disharmony.

If a health problem is related in any organ, that organ must be tested and treated repeatedly in the course of therapy.

The muscle reaction in the webbing of the hand is related to a reaction of the thalamus and thymus to sensory information. The thalamus is in direct receipt of the information and relays its reaction to the thymus. If the information causes stress, the reaction immediately affects the adductor muscle because it shares its sympathetic innervation (the second thoracic ganglia on the spine) with the thymus. Since the thymus is central immune tissue, the reaction in the muscle indicates an immune system reaction. Hence, its great diagnostic value.

Fingertip testing of acu-points enables one to identify physiological faults throughout the body:

1.. In the immune system :(Bone marrow, thymus, spleen, and lymph nodes).

2.. In the nervous system :(Central and peripheral; sympathetic and parasympathetic; sensory and motor; also the enteric nervous system).

3.. In the endocrine system :(Each gland has at least 2 points).

4.. In the circulatory system :(Heart, arteries, veins vascular system, lynphatic system). The heart alone has 36 acu-points in the hands.

5.. In the respiratory system :(Lungs, bronchi, pleura and trachea).

6.. In the digestive system :(stomach, small intestine, pancreas).

7.. In the excretory system :(Colon, kidneys, bladder).

8.. In the structural system :(Joints, connective tissue, fatty tissue).

9.. In the reproductive system.

There are master points for overall testing of individual organs, and numerous other points for detailed testing of every part of the body.Secondly, fingertips testing enable one to identify the toxic substances (chemicals and microbes) involved in the physiological faults that underlie health problems. This enables us to study precisely how chemicals and microbes in our environment affect our health. Improvements in chemical as well as microbial hygiene, so necessary for the advance of preventive medicine will inevitably follow. Then future generations may be spared the ravages of the acute and chronic diseases which so burden the human family.

The next requirement is for a simple and rapid method for clearing toxic matter from the body. In June 1991, I discovered a new and effective way of dealing with toxic substances in depth within a single therapy session. This may offer the possibility of recovery from what otherwise seem to be interminable health problems.

This new way can rightly be called Magnetic Colour Therapy. Magnetic, because it entails the use of a ceramic magnet. Colour, because it entails the use of colour gels (plastic strips).

For several years, I have been using Dynamic Magnet Therapy to clear the blood and to shift toxic matter from various parts of the body. I found that the negative pole of the magnet makes the equivalent of homeopathic antidotes for all toxic substances through which the magnetic flux passess. And that it is possible to charge the bloodstream simply by allowing the blood to pass through the magnetic flux. (One need but hold the magnet over any blood vessels, e.g. over the wrist, with the negative pole facing the body). Early in 1990, I discovered that when one places a plastic gel between the magnet and body, the magnet also charges the blood with colour (photons) from the gel. In this way imbalances of colour due to toxic overloading in the body can very simply and quickly be redressed. In June 1991, I found that by applying colours in a certain sequence, microbes and chemicals (apart from heavy metals) can actually be metabolized and quickly cleared from the body. Heavy metals take more time.

The sequence of colours became obvious to me soon after I began to test and treat people regularly with higher potency homeopathic remedies. Through acu-point monitoring homeopathic remedies work as rapidly (and apparently effectively) through simple contact as through conventional oral use. Whether one takes the tablets or simply touches them, toxic matter passes through the filters of the body for only a matter of minutes. Later on in the day or the next day, the remedy will clear out a bit more, of course; hence the value of using the same remedy for a given number of days. Interestingly, however, if one tests other low potency remedies immediately after applying the first, one usually finds another that is appropriate. Its application will briefly clear out a new toxic substance. By repeating the process, one may find 4 or 5 new remedies and corresponding toxic substances within an hour. This sheds valuable light on the causes of health problems. Perhaps it is also appropriate as treatment especially for acute forms of disease and for children.

Most importantly, however, I found that if one applies a higher potency (intensity) of any remedy immediately after applying it in low potency (6C), the body will clear out the corresponding toxic substances from a deeper level. Experiments show that a tenfold increase (6C x 10) will make the remedy effective again. Then a further 10 fold (6C x 10 x 10) may do the same. Even a 4th increase (6C x 10 x 10 x 10) may be needed to complete the process. With each application, glycerol (an inter-cellular fatty substance which buffers toxic substances as they invade body tissues) also appears. And then an "inherited factor". This is a rogue protein produced, it seems, by cells throughout the body because of genes related to an ancestral disease. As the protein leaves the cells it collects in the inter-cellular space together with glycerol. It acts as a further buffer to invading toxic substances. After the fourth application, there will be little if any trace of the original toxic substances in the areas of the body which have been treated. Glycerol, however, and the inherited factor may reappear. In fact, the inherited factor often seems to have been the original toxic substance that invaded the affected areas. The glycerol is merely its buffer. This invasion may have taken place during the trauma of birth, like an "internal birthmark". It can now be cleared out by applying the series of remedies again. This is, indeed, a unique form of homeopathy. I call it Contact Homeopathy Q (Quadruple potency).

The next step in research was to study how colours correspond to the various stages of therapy described above. To my amazement, I found that with each stage above or below green in spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet) the colour required will be nearer to green. With green glycerol stage is reached. To clear glycerol one has to use blue, blue/green and green.

Then comes one of the inherited factors; and for this one must either repeat the colours for glycerol or alternatively use yellow, yellow/green and green. I soon found, to my delight, that colours on their own, applied by magnet in the sequence described above, seem to work as effectively on their own as the varied potency homeopathic treatment. The use of colours, however, is much simpler. No instruments or kits are needed to supply the wide range of homeopathic amplifications described above. I therefore decided to use magnetic colour therapy on its own to deal with the whole range of health problems one meets with in everyday practice.

It has proved to be effective but also with chronic problems when a whole series of toxic substances must be dealt with. Magnetic colour therapy can deal effectively with several toxic substances in a normal therapy session. Homeopathy can then be employed, if desired, to continue the detoxification process at home between sessions. The simplicity, effectiveness and low cost of this approach to diseases is remarkable.

The first task in Magnetic Colour Therapy is to identify which colour or combination of colours to begin with. For this purpose one need but ask the client to glance at the six colours and touch the one first noticed. Check the effect on the signal muscle. If there is reaction, it may be necessary to add a neighbouring colour to get the right shade. The immune system seems to direct the eye to the appropriate colours intuitively.

Notes of caution : Although magnetic colour therapy usually clears the filtering system of the body (heart, lungs, kidneys, spleen, lever and bile system) simultaneously with the rest of the body, if there is a problem with any of these organs to begin with, check right away whether the colours are working. If necessary use the Acu-spark or percussion massage to clear blockages. Check again at the end of the series. One must also check the cerebral fluid before and after treatment. The tissues on top of the brain through which the CSF returns to he blood-stream easily become congested. They can be cleared by energizing the hands (rubbing them together) and then running them over the top of the head about 10 times.

Conclusion : Magnetic Colour Therapy seems to be ideal for world-wide use. Due to its simplicity, clinical efficacy and low cost it should appeal to both therapists and the public. Combined with fingertip testing and homeopathy it may open the possibility of natural therapy to mankind. Then a significant step will have been taken towards achieving the lofty goal set by Medicina Alternativa: Good Health for All by the Year 2000.

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