Pages 246. Price Swiss Francs 20.

Published by ILDAV, Casa Orizzonti, CH-6517, Arbedo, Switzerland.

Living, Dying.

How to Stop your Doctor Killing You.


Nature Cure and Yoga Therapy.


National Journal of Homeopathy.

This is a hair-raising and painstaking account of grotesque animal experiments performed in 60 laboratories in 150 documented cases of vivisection crimes, illegal traffic, clinical breeding and lobbies. If you were hitherto blissfully unaware of animal experiments in laboratories where millions of animals are jailed, tortured, maimed, hanged, clipped, bled and killed daily, this book is for you.

Published originally in 1991, in Italian, French and German and now introduced in English due to heavy public demand, this book is definitely worth reading by every concerned citizen of the world.

The data derived from animal experiments is chaotic and unreliable and cannot be extrapolated either to human or veterinary medicine. It is therefore a colossal fraud supported by powerful financial interests. Animal experiments are, without a shadow of a doubt, unforgivably cruel, worthless, wasteful, inaccurate, uninformative and dangerously misleading. They kill people as well as animals and the cruelty is both indefensible and an affront to human dignity.

Today, the vivisectors know that they are on the run. They know they are losing. They are frightened. And so they lie more. Hence, they burn billions of dollars in this mindless exercise. But truth shall prevail and they are bound to lose. As Abraham Lincoln said... you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Milly Schar-Manzoli did her Ph.D. in Economics. She is the winner of the Albert Schweitzer Medal for her excellent work against vivisection. A science journalist since 1978, she has published several articles on the subject, brings out a quarterly called 'Orizzonti' and has written many successful books notably, 'The Golden Calf' 'AIDS Story', 'The Health Department Mafia', 'The Crossroad', etc.

Max Keller, a pioneer of the Swiss and European antivivisection movement, became a member of the Control Commission of animal experiments in order to be able to photocopy and get hold of classified documents and to learn about all the horrors which occur daily in the laboratories and risked imprisonment, such is his dedication to the cause.

Order your copies of this and other excellent publications of ILDAV and get involved in an international movement to stop cruel animal experiments.

There is also good news coming from America on this front. Many Americans seem to have become conscious of 'animal abuse' and are leading 'totally non-violent' campaigns to promote 'humane science' and 'expose the myth that animal exploitation is essential to human health'.

Those connected with the American Anti-Vivisection Society seem to be very well-informed and well-geared. Milly sent me 5 booklets brought out by them and they make equally good reading and supplement the good work of European friends.

The booklets under review are :

1.. Better Than Cure which deals with why animal experiments are irrelevant to the main factors which govern our health.

2.. Human Tissue details about a neglected experimental resource.

3.. Basic Mistakes talks of the unreliability of animal models in research and testing.

4.. People Power records the achievement of epidemiology over animal methods, and

5.. Consenting Guinea Pigs talks of the Human participants who advance medicine.

All the five booklets are beautifully penned by Dr. Robert Sharpe, a Britisher who is now settled in the U.S.A. They are also well designed. Those interested may get in touch with the American Anti-Vivisection Society, 801 Old York Road, Suite 204, Jenkintown, PA 19046-1685, U.S.A.

Dr. Leo Rebello


by Dr. Manu Kothari and Dr. Lopa Mehta.

Pages 128. Price not mentioned.

Published by The Other India Press, Mapusa 403 507, Goa, India.

Nothing in life is to be feared

It's only to be understood

Marie Curie

The fear of death and dying constitutes the gravest disease of our time. The dread of dying, particularly from illness, is an attitude promoted over the centuries by medical men, pill companies and hospital equipment suppliers. Every time a group of medical 'experts' have a discussion on stroke, heart attack or cancer on the TV, thousands of listeners are overnight converted from normal human beings into anxious patients.

Living, Dying delves into the biological and medical data on death. It offers a new perspective on the phenomena of disease and dying and makes an engrossing reading. It is immensely readable, amply reassuring and personally satisfying account of disease, dying and death that is bound to change the life of any one who reads it.

Like most seminal books that appear perhaps once in every decade, this one asks questions of western medical science that are so radical they will disturb even well sedimented minds. The book will bring the medical establishment further into disrepute, which is a necessary job anyway. But more than that, it will teach thousands not just to avoid unnecessary entanglement with medical men and machines, but to live life and meet death with abundant cheer. Just as most people did before the advent of modern medicine.

Once in a medical workshop on Medico-Legal Cases (post-mortems, unnatural deaths, et al.) one young medico asked me: "Dr. Rebello - how do people die in nature cure sanitariums?". There was a pindrop silence because people knew of my sharp tongue. "Naturally" was my reply, and the house burst into laughter. This book puts the same philosophy graphically. The primary intention of the learned authors seems to be to rob death of its sting.

Dr. Manu Kothari and Dr. Lopa Mehta are professors of anatomy at G.S. Seth Medical College and King Edward Memorial Hospital, Bombay. They have written several books. I have their another book titled The Nature of Cancer (Volume 1) - pages 902, published by Kothari Medical Publications, Acharya Donde Marg, Bombay-400012.

The scope of The Nature of Cancer is encyclopedic, for it touches every facet of cancerogenesis. The book is replete with a never - before attempted integration of the most diverse and up-to-date data on cancer, that replaces the Ptolemaic perplexity on cancer by Copernican clarity. It is a completely new bio realistic approach towards the understanding of the why, where, what, when and how of cancer.

~ Dr. Leo Rebello

How to Stop your Doctor Killing You

by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Pages 132. Price £ 9.95

Publishing House, Trinity Place, Barnstaple, Devon EX32 9HJ, England.

The person most likely to kill you is not a burglar, a mugger, a deranged relative or a drunken driver. The person most likely to kill you is your doctor. This book explains how to protect your self from this serious threat to your life and good health.

Coleman has drawn together a vast amount of information which will help readers to live longer and healthier. It also shows how patients can protect themselves against an increasingly incompetent and dangerous medical profession. To minimize the risk individuals should retain responsibility for their own health and not rely on outside intervention, avers the good doctor of over 75 books.

Topics covered include :

- Don't let your doctor bully you.

- Tests and investigations - are they safe?

- Are you taking too many antibiotics?

- How safe are repeat prescriptions?

- Should you get a second opinion?

- How to protect yourselves from viruses.

- What to keep in a home medicine cabinet.

- How to cope in an emergency.

- How to live to be 100.

- Questions to ask before taking a drug.

- How will your drug affect you?

~ Dr. Leo Rebello

Kundalini - The Serpent Power

by Dr. Barin De

Pages 90. Price Rs. 50. Monalisa Publishers,

172-A & B, Sarat Bose Road, Calcutta 700 029, India.

In this book as the author himself says "I have tried to squeeze an ocean into a thimble". The book deals with : How kundalini works, the functioning of chakras, kundalini and the glands, psychic centres for meditation, signs of a rising kundalini, self-cure of illnesses, etc.

The book, written in lucid English, is to the point and clear. It is also well-illustrated. Major contents of this book published in 1995 have been taken from author's two earlier publications, "Forever I" and "How to Prevent and Cure Cancer and AIDS" published in 1973 (India) and 1985 (in the USA), respectively.