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Churning of the Nectar

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Amrit Manthan is a revolutionary journal devoted to holistic health sciences. It has carved a niche for being distinct from every other medical journal, inasmuch as, it is not and will not be a 'postman' of the multinational pharmaceutical companies to peddle disinformation, disease and death.

A fifth of all illnesses in the U.S.A. are caused by overuse of Allopathic medicines, which the greatest democracy on earth, has recognised as the 'official medicine' banning or subverting other effective systems of medicine and, thereby, denying the very important rights to its citizens, namely, the Right to Health and the Right to Choose. Other nations too, inspite of their proven traditional medicines, are following on the ruinous path of America both in Arms and Drugs! The day these two most lethal industries are banned the world will be a much better place to live in!

Amrit Manthan (meaning churning of the nectar) does not accept the 'ghost-written' articles from the so-called experts of modern medicine who lay emphasis on overtesting, overspecialisation and overmedication! Your journal is the only journal in the world to combine the best in all systems of medicine and to emphasise that Health Care is Self Care. Other journals mostly deal in one particular subject speciality (or sub-speciality) or a system of medicine. Amrit Manthan is a non-conformist health awareness journal that has come to stay and have its say.

Let the pungent contents of this authoritative journal go on THE NET to challenge the quackery and hegemony of a pseudo-science called Allopathy (also known as modern medicine, western medicine, scientific medicine, technological medicine, orthodox medicine or official medicine).

Amrit Manthan has set for itself two immediate goals :

(1) To make this journal a quarterly and maintain regularity, and

(2) To institute Annual Awards for outstanding work in following fields : Charak Award for Ayurveda. Patanjali Award for Yoga Therapy. Hippocrates Award for Naturopathy. Hahnemann Award for Homoeopathy.

The ambition is to give atleast Rs.50,000/- in cash prize, citation and a memento to each winner, so that the dedicated practitioner continues his/her good work. We would also like to publish the works of the Award-Winners to spread awareness on Holistic Health Sciences. All this means Vitamin 'M', in which presently we are lacking. We are sure, however, that our readers will support us in creating an Awards Fund by donating generously.

As in the last issue (which was reprinted by popular demand), we have been able to get many excellent articles which will educate you, jolt you, make you realize that we are endangering our health when we depend too much on Western medicine.

Dr. Vernon Coleman, Dr. Diana Mossop, Rev. Fred Fox (U.K.), Dr. Manu Kothari, Mrs. K.L.Rebello, Dr. K.N.Kasad (India), Dr. Jens Jerndal (Sweden), Dr. Henry Hrasky (France), Mr. A.T.Hovannessian (Iran), Dr. D. Koh (Singapore) and Dr. Anton Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka) will change your thinking and your lives, if only you practice what they say. As Alexander Pope opined:

The learn'd is happy

nature to explore,

The fool is happy

that he knows no more.

22nd October, 1996

Dr. Leo Rebello

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