Curing Cancer: Nature's Way

by Dr. Leo Rebello

"Man is one and our salvation lies eventually in a mutual sharing of all knowledge" - says Richard Grossinger in 'Planet Medicine'. To that I may add that life is eternal and this intricate human body comes with a guarantee card of 100 years of fault-free service from the finest manufacturer - God. If we suffer unnecessarily and die prematurely, it is because we live unnaturally.

Nature Cure is based on instinct and common sense, and hence, cannot fail. It declares that the laws of Nature are immutable and infallible; that sickness is unnecessary and proceeds from violation of the laws of nature; that pain is penalty for wrong doing, a warning against transgression; that the body has an in-built defense mechanism consisting of about 120 billion WBCs in 70 kg man, compliments C1 to C17 (special chemicals which break the walls of bacteria, fungi, etc.), hydrochloric acid in the stomach which kills bacteria and antibodies; that healing is from within and consequently you alone are responsible for your health; that biomedical changes precede disease and toxemia is the principal cause of diseases. Hence, cure cannot be obtained without cleansing or removing the cause; that body, mind and spirit should be treated as a whole, so that the individual learns to regulate his own life and command his own destiny; that in purity lies our power - pure air, water, food, light, environment, thought, purpose and faith.

Coming to Cancer: No germ for Cancer has yet been found, and in my opinion, none ever will be. Cancer is one disease that is distinctive of toxemia, plus trauma, plus irritation. Cancer sites are selective (50% cancers are abdomen related), but they can be anywhere in the body. Some specialists say that Cancer activity is dependent upon a vegetable parasite, a protozoa, identified as Trichomonas. However, this parasite is not capable of producing Cancer without the accompaniment of two other important factors, namely, soilage and continued irritation or injury. In Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, we do not treat disease, we treat a diseased person as a whole. For us treatment is secondary, prevention is always better than cure. Our research is not centered on finding out a chemotherapeutic substance that is cytotoxic to cancer cells (forgetting the fact that drugs are toxic to the normal cells too), but in finding treatment of the host which produced the tumour. For us, fighting Cancer is not just hoping to discover a 'magic bullet' to annihilate it, but early detection, total treatment of the patient and his/her rehabilitation.

Cancer usually strikes after 40 and alls under the category of chronic diseases. If cancerous mass breaks down, softens and suppurates, it is usually in a late stage and signifies a serious breach in the defenses, the vitality of the individual and the toxemia then immediately takes on the characteristics of sepsis which destroys the life of the blood. Even in such a critical condition, the body can be encouraged by right living to create its own immunity, manufacture its own antibodies and preserve its integrity without outside aid.

Cancer can now almost be classed as an auto-immune disorder. A severe emotional shock or period of emotional stress is often found to precede the development of cancer by a period of two years. In the cancer process, the nerve or consciousness pole takes a wrong direction, and an abnormal sclerosis takes place, often occurring after a deep-seated grudge or shock. This sclerosis is the opposite of the inflammatory process. It is certainly true that spontaneous remission condition manifests.

This also accounts for the common finding that cancer patients often have a medical history showing no evidence of even such minor inflammatory conditions as the common cold.

The aim of this approach to cancer is to balance up the 'poles' again. Ayurveda calls it balancing of Tridoshas: Vata, Kapha and Pitta. Acupuncture says to treat a disease we need to clean the meridians and balance the Yin and Yang. Yoga will say that through Asanas, Pranayam, Kriyas, etc. make the body so powerful that the Vital Force keeps at its best and flows unhindered through the Nadis (Nervous System or Meridians), Natural Healing will enjoin that to remove the debris of food, dead cells, disease taints (miasms), clogging, genetic mutation take to Alkaline food rather than Acidic, or simply put, avoid constipating or dead food and take plenty of laxative or live food.

Let us now briefly view the treatment of cancer using natural healing methods and modalities:


Hippocrates said long ago: "Let your food be your medicine". Consequently, in Cancer treatment, Diet is usually changed with emphasis on raw foods for purposes of detoxification of the lymph system and the gastro-intestinal tract. Raw vegetable juices, and the use of butter milk and/or coffee enemas may be included for detoxification.

A glassful of carrot juice mixed with a desert spoonful of fresh amla juice and a tablespoonful of honey taken once or twice daily, for example, is a very effective natural tonic in cancer cure. It increases body resistance against colds and infections, improves complexion and weight, prevents amnesia, hair loss, debilitating weakness and adverse effects of chemotherapy, Curing Cancer Naturally Curing Cancer Naturallynight blindness, early aging and protects nerves, brain, heart, lungs and liver. Beta-carotene, a precursor of Vitamin A, helps the body in thwarting the Cancer-causing process known as Oxidation.

Johanna Brandt, the author of 'The Grape Cure' advocates an exclusive grape diet for Cancer Cure. After a fast of two to three days, she puts her patients on an exclusive grape diet. The patient takes a grape meal every two hours from 8 am to 8 pm. One begins with 30, 60 to 90 grams per meal. Even water is prohibited. The treatment may last anywhere from two weeks to three months, depending upon the severity of illness and the type of constitution, mental make-up of a patient, environmental factors, etc.

Late Dr. Ann Wigmore of 'Be Your Own Doctor' fame, likewise, propounds Wheat Grass Therapy for about 300 diseases including Cancer. The active ingredient of Wheat Grass is Chlorophyll, which contains almost all the mineral and vitamins. Fresh juice of wheat grass contains Vitamins A, B, B17, C and K, and also carbohydrates, proteins, etc. Scientists like Dr. Burser call it the concentrated solar energy. The others call it the nectar of life. Dr. Ann Wigmore calls it the Green Blood.

The contents of Chlorophyll in Wheat Grass and the content of Hemin in Hemoglobin of Blood are 99% similar. The arrangement of molecular structure of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen are very much similar in Chlorophyll and Hemin, except a little change in the centre. Magnesium is the centre of Chlorophyll molecule, while we find Iron in the Centre of Hemin Molecule.

2.. FASTING If the body carries a great deal of waste material, one tires very easily and general aches and pains may be felt in any part of the body, most likely along the backbone. Along with this goes a feeling of pessimism and negativism. Our impaired and clogged body mechanism is the payment for the long years of abuse we have forced it to endure. In fasting, digestive mechanism of the body is given a rest, the body lives on its own reserves, and old, diseased, cancerous cells are eliminated. What is left constitutes the nucleus, or basis, of a new sound body. Several studies reveal that Cancer cases that went into 'spontaneous remission' were due either to fasting or high fevers (what is known as healing crisis).

The enforced fast undoubtedly has its rejuvenating effect. The cells, tissue and organs, deprived of all unused and precipitated blockade materials, are ready to be replenished anew. This physical rebirth, as it were, might well be a major factor in the physical superiority of the Hunzakuts. And it is more than likely that their seasonal fasts tend to keep them humble, friendly, helpful and devotional.

3..COLONIC HYDROTHERAPY Correct function of the colon is a necessity for health, for truly disease can begin in the colon. It has been said that colon malfunction can lead to 80% of diseased states.

In health, bowel transit time from eating to defecation is 24 hours or less and bowel movement is at least once daily. In disease, poor digestion, yeast overgrowth, spastic colon, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation and diarrhea are usually accompanied by auto-intoxication (the re-absorption of soluble wastes into the bloodstream) which places a heavy burden upon the other eliminative organs of the body, the kidneys, the skin and the lungs.

Chronic constipation can lead to further direct complications: diverticulitis, piles, fissures, atonicity, spasticity, prolapsis, colitis and even bowel cancer as well as chronic toxic condition in the rest of the body, like the acne and eczema, the cardio vascular system, the nervous system and the liver.

Colonic hydrotherapy is an internal bath that helps cleanse the colon poisons, gas, accumulated faecal matter and mucus deposits. Such techniques were first recorded in 1500 B.C., and have been used in traditional and naturopathic medicine since then. Using sterilized equipment, filtered water is gently introduced into the rectum which progressively softens and expels faecal matter and compacted deposits. By improving elimination, response to dietary, homeopathic, herbal, manipulative and other therapies is markedly improved.

4.YOGA THERAPY All of you know that there are life-saving drugs, but how many of you know that there are also life-saving exercises. These exercises are yogasanas, pranayams and kriyas.

Basically, yoga teaches that a healthy person is a harmoniously integrated unit of body, mind and spirit. Therefore, good health requires a simple, natural diet, exercise in fresh air, a serene and untroubled mind, and a spirit full of awareness that man's deepest and highest self can be recognised as identical with the spirit of God. The law of yoga is the law of life.

If you practice yoga postures, you are strengthening the body. If you control your breathing, you are creating a chemical and emotional balance. If you concentrate your mind in affirmations, you are practising the power of prayer. But if you synthesise all these, you are entering the most powerful mystery of healing : the basic harmony of life.

Yoga therapy begins with Relaxation. Living in an age of anxiety, we are often unconscious of our tensions building within us. With normal bodies, why are we depressed, tired, fall prey to diseases? Because, tension is invisibly draining away our health energies. Relaxation is a natural tranquilliser, more effective than tranquilising drugs and without their side-effects. Relax and healing can begin.

5. MENTAL ATTITUDE The attitude of the mind is of great importance in following the natural regimen of living and treatment. The positive mental attitude of faith and equanimity creates positive electromagnetic energies in the body, thus infusing the system with increased vigour and healing power, while the negative, fearful and worrying attitude of mind create in the system the negative conditions of weakness, lowered resistance and actual paralysis.

Writes Renee Taylor in her acclaimed book 'Hunza Health Secrets' : "If we foresee trouble, that is what we get. If we envision success, harmony, health and abundance, we experience these conditions in our lives. Since our thoughts are the invisible builders of our destiny, we should be careful about the kind of thoughts we allow to enter our conciousness. If we find negative thoughts intruding, we must throw them out at once and replace them with constructive thoughts. We are either strengthening or weakening our universe each day by the kind of thoughts we entertain. We are also building or destroying our health and vigour in the same way". Hate attacks are Heart attacks.

In reshaping the mental attitude from the negative to the positive, counseling plays a very important role. It enables the cancer patient to remove the deep-seated trauma, negative tendencies in the psyche and to enable him/her to undertake self-fulfilling, creative activities. Likewise, teaching the patient to meditate helps, so that deep-seated tensions may be resolved and to release healing energies from within the self. Some therapists use creative Visualisation so that the patient consciously directs healing to deal with diseased cells and tissues.

6.HERBS Herbs for cleansing the lymph system may include violet leaves, trifolium, burdock, echinacea, and blue flag. Dandelion, centaury, and wahoo may be used to tone the liver so that waste may be more adequately metabolised.

7. HOMOEOPATHY Homoeopathy both for drainage, immunity and for removing inherited taints is invaluable. It also has an important role in neutralizing industrial toxins.

Medicines indicated below have special affinity on particular organs :

Cadmium Sulph.30 - Cancer of stomach with constant vomiting.

Phosphorous 30 - Cancer of pancreas/bones, especially the lower jaw/tibia.

Condurango 30 - Cancers of the stomach, axilla, oesophagus; painful cracks in corner of the mouth.

Thuja 30 - Cancer of face; ill-effects of vaccination. Rapid exhaustion and emaciation.

Cobaltum 30 - Cancer of lungs; sleep always disturbed by lewd dreams.

Carcinocin 200/1M - Cancerous history in the family.

Silicea 30 - to expel the poison from the effected lesion.

Arsenic Alb 30 - when carbuncle turns gangrenous; magots move in.

Lycopodium 30 - Leukaemia/Liver Cancer. Conium 200/Phytolacca Q - Breast Cancer.

Arnica, Carbo Veg, Euphorbium - Pains of terminal cancer.


The possibilities for healing in Holistic Healing are immense, damage zero and cost insignificant, as compared to the iatrogenesis and frightening costs of treatment of technological medicine. Let us, therefore, demand that atleast 50% of the research funds are allocated to Traditional and Natural Medicine and that facilities are made available in all Govt. and Municipal Hospitals for Holistic or Integrated Treatment. Authorities should not forget that the Patients have various Rights, like : The Right to Health, The Right to Question, The Right to Choose, The Right to Know as to why all funds earmarked for health are given only to Modern Medicine when we have seven recognised systems of medicine.

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