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Diseases Caused by Mixed Metals in the Mouth & Methods of Treatment.


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It is my clinical experience that about 80% of my patients suffer from some form of health disturbance as a result of metal pollution. We are surrounded by metals. Contaminated water supplies, air pollution from industry and petrol fumes. Heavy metals which accumulate in our food as result of high levels of metallic/chemical compounds used on the land and in the food industry. Metals penetrate through the skin as a result of contact with jewellery and watches. Fun jewellery and cheap watches are particularly hazardous as the metals used are often not properly bonded. However, by far the most aggressive source of metal pollution comes from our mouths.

Sadly, because of changes in alimentation and diet, we are now producing children with malformed jaws and so orthodontics have become popular and unfortunately in some cases necessary. It is now common practise to introduce several metals in the mouth at one time and this causes numerous complex heath problems.

This is a complicated subject because all metals vibrate on a different frequency according to their atomic number and weight and have a magnetic field of their own. The healthy human body produces a current of 54 microamps. Since metals vibrate on an antagonistic electro-magnetic frequency, they cause serious interference in the nervous system. The body comes into contact with toxic substances every second of our lives and in a healthy person these poisons are eliminated through the lymphatic system faster than the speed of sound. This process, which occurs as a result of mild inflammation, irritation and subsequent elimination, can easily be disturbed when poisoning occurs continuously, as in the case of metals in the mouth. Furthermore, it is dangerous to place metals in the mouth since they are assimilated directly into the bloodstream via the salivary glands. This is the first stage of the digestive system for certain oligo elements and nutrients and is also an effective method of administering certain forms of remedy. Homoeopathy, Diana's Energy Harmonisers and Bach Flower Remedies all utilise this instant absorption process.

Metals are antagonistic to the human body for a number of different reasons :

The electro-magnetic frequency of metals differs from that of a healthy human frequency. Mixed metals in an acid or alkaline solution create a battery.

A battery cell contains two plates of dissimilar metals (called electrodes) immersed in acid, alkaline or salt solution (called the eletrolyte). When a wire is connected to the two electrodes, a chemical reaction occurs between electrolyte and electrodes which causes free electrons to move along the wire. The movement is electric current.

Regrettably, it is this chemical reaction which occurs in the mouth, creating electricity of differing frequency depending on the metal of the electrode, which is responsible for the complex and disturbing deterioration of the health of persons with mixed metals in the mouth. Since the metals act as electrodes whilst the saliva acts as the electrolyte, metals in contact with each other or metal pollution in our food act as the contact which creates the connection. One of the most serious effects of disturbances in the electromagnetic field force in the mouth is tempro-mandibular joint misalignment.

Metals have a very strong magnetic field. Human energy depends on magnetic energy as well as electrical energy. Some metals are positively charged and are, therefore, attracted to the left of our bodies which is the North pole of the body and other metals are Negatively charged and are South seeking and attracted to the right side of the body. Therefore, metals have a drifting characteristic in the body.

The following metals are positively charged and affect the body on the left : Gold, Mercury, Nickel, and Cobalt. (Lead and Iron, though not used in dentistry are frequently present in the lymphatic system because of their presence in the environment.) The following metals are negatively charged and affect the body on the right : Aluminium, Cadmium, Copper, Tin and Chrome.

Metals have very specific effects on different organs and systems of the body. Metals also vibrate on different colour frequencies and block the body on the corresponding specific colour chakras or levels.

Each tooth in the mouth is situated on a different meridian and although each metal has an insidious effect on the body depending upon which it is, it further complicates the situation depending on where the metal is placed and upon which meridian.

The inherent strengths and weaknesses of the individual further affect the ensuing level of health degeneration as a result of the specific toxicity.

There are a number of different metals used in dentistry but by far the most common substance is Dental amalgam. The definition of amalgam is any of various alloys of mercury, with other metals, such as, tin or silver. In fact amalgam fillings consist of approx. 40% mercury, 60% silver with an addition of copper, tin, zinc or nickel.

Metals currently in use for Dentistry :

  • Aluminium used rarely.

  • Cadmium used fairly frequently.

  • Cobalt used frequently.

  • Chrome used frequently.

  • Gold used fairly frequently.

  • Mercury used frequently.

  • Nickel used frequently.

  • Copper used infrequently.

  • Silver used frequently.

  • Zinc used infrequently.

- Aluminium (Al) : Atomic number 13, atomic weight 26.98. Used as temporary stoppers before placement of crowns. Mixed with chrome for orthodontic work. Current produced is 39 microamps. Colour - Indigo

Diana's energy harmoniser antidoteflower.

Nutritional antidote : Chromium 300mcg. : Strawberry Calcium 500 mg. seeking. Negative.

Treatment point : Control point Magnetic field : Right, drift. South of the limbic nervous system. (Acupuncture point situated centrally between the eyebrows).

Symptoms of toxicity : Alzheimer's disease, loss of memory, nervous system disorders, confusion, premature senility and senile dementia.

- Chromium (Cr) : Atomic number 24, atomic weight 51.996. Used as a component of stainless steel, used as a fixture for crowns and as pins for dentures and orthodontics. Current produced : 63 microamps. Colour vibration : Violet. Diana's energy harmoniser antidote : Sweet Violet.

Nutritional antidote : Chromium GTF 100mcg, zinc 10-30mg. Magnetic field : Right drift, south seeking, Negative.

Treatment point : CMP Crown. Acupuncture point for somatic nervous system).

Symptoms of toxicity : Depression and emotional disorders. Chromium is one of the major components of insulin. Chromium deificiency causes high blood sugar and diabetes.

- Cobalt (Co) : Atomic number 27, atomic weight 58.9332. Mixed with chrome for crowns, mixed with cadmium for dentures (In hydrated form to colour the plastic pink). Current produced : 22 micriamps. Colour vibration : Indigo. Diana's energy harmoniser antidote : Strawberry flower.

Nutritional antidote : Oligo elements. Cobalt, Zinc and Nickel. B12 100mcg. Folic acid 5mg, Iron 50mg. Spirulina. Magnetic field : Left drift, North seeking.

Treatment point : Control point of the limbic nervous system situated centrally between the eyebrows.

Symptoms of toxicity : Cobalt is carcinogenic and causes tumour. Sedation of the limbic nervous system, paralysis on the left side of the body, particularly the neck and shoulder. Nervous twitch, loss of control of body movement, clumsiness, chronic fatigue. Embolism and stroke, blockage in the carotid artery on the left. TMJ. Pins and needles, numbnes and tingling in the extremities. Pernicious anaemia. Blood disorders and liver malfunction. (Cobalt is a natural component of B12, therefore cobalt poisoning causes B12 deficiency.

- Cadmium (Cd) : Atomic number 48, atomic weight 112.4 Used in dental amalgam, as well as dental materials for dentures. (Nickel cadmium accumulators). Current produced : 65 microamps. Colour vibration : Blue. Diana's energy harmoniser antidote : White Chrysanthemum.

Nutritional antidote: Iron 50mg. Magnetic field : Right drift, South seeking, Negative.

Treatment point: Acupuncture point according to Voll. Lateral side of ring finger, SMP, Thyroid on right hand.

Symptoms of toxicity : Right sided thyroid and the ascending colon disorders.

- Copper (Cu) : Atomic number 29, atomic weight 63.54. Used in amalgam but not very frequently. Current produced : 42 microamps. Colour vibration : Indigo. Diana's energy harmoniser antidote : Strawberry flower.

Nutritional antidote : Zinc 30 mg. Magnetic field : Right drift, South seeking.

Treatment point : CMP Limbic Nervous System.

Symptoms of toxicity : Acne, Blood disorders, Nervous system disorders, Infertility, Endometriosis.

- Gold (Au) : Atomic number 79, atomic weight 196.967. Crowns, support pins and as support for ceramic crowns. Bridge work. Current produced: 86 microamps. Colour Vibration: Yellow. Diana's energy harmoniser : Fennel, and Marsh mallow.

Nutritional Antidotes : Potassium 150mg. Magnetic Field : Left drift. North seeking.

Treatment point : Right big toe, medial side CMP pancreas and the triple warmer point on the ring finger lateral side left hand.

Symptoms of toxicity : Sharp pains in the stomach and duodenum, varicose veins and broken capillaries, bruising, Hodgkins disease. Disturbances in the conduction system of the heart.

- Mercury (Hg) : Atomic number 80, atomic weight 200.59. Amalgam fillings : Approx 35% amalgam consists of mercury. Current produced : 70 microamps. Colour Vibration : Green. Diana's energy harmoniser : Yarrow.

Nutritional Antidote : Selenium 250mcg. Magnetic Field : Left Drift, North seeking.

Treatment point : CMP heart (inner side of the little finger right hand).

Symptoms of toxicity : The symptoms of mercury toxicity are numerous ranging from periodontal disorders, heart disorders, liver disorders, cancers and migraine.

Vincents angina, plaque, foul smelling breath, mouth thrush, ulcers, Chrone's, chronic constipation, and haemorrhoids. Mercury splits the fat molecule and combines with glycerol, releasing glycogen into the blood stream. Mercury toxicity causes hypoglycaemia, candida albicans, heart disorders, heart block, angina, valve stenosis and fibrillation, heart attack, anaemia, varicose veins, toxoplasmosis, circulatory disorders, bruising and painful tissues, acne and pigmentation.

Because of the affinity of mercury with glycerol it disturbs all fatty tissues in the body, particularly in the brain, the heart and the liver and fatty deposits in the tissues (cellulitis). Hepatoxicity, cholecystitis, gallstones, and gallbladder disorders, bile duct congestion, ascending cholangitis, cholesterol. Oedema, Mastitis, breast cancer, ovarian cysts and fybroids, endometriosis, endometritis, cancer of the ovary and uterus, Miscarriage.

Mercury from radioactively tagged mercury amalgam fillings placed in pregnant sheep's teeth migrates through the placental barrier into the foetus within a period of three days. TMJ.

- Nickel (Ni) : Atomic number 28, atomic weight 58.71 amalgam fillings (approximately 2%). Current produced : 65 microamps. Colour vibration : Blue. Diana's energy harmoniser antidote : Speedwell. Magnetic field : Left drift, North seeking. Positive.

Nutritional antidote : Oligo element Nickel.

Treatment point : Acupuncture point SMP thyroid, ring finger lateral side, left hand.

Symptoms of toxicity : Rash, allergy and lung disorders. Ear infection and tinnitus.

Silver (Ag) : Atomic number 47, atomic weight 107.87. 60% amalgam filling, root canal fillings, denture pins. Current produced : 73 microamps. Colour vibration : Yellow. Diana's energy harmoniser antidote : Thistle and Fennel. Magnetic field : Right drift, South seeking, Negative.

Nutritional antidote : Potassium oratate 150mg-300mg.

Treatment point : CMP pancreas (right big toe medial side).

Symptoms of toxicity : Right sided disorders. Somatic Nervous system disorders, arthritis,paralysis, muscular dystrophy, motor neurons disease, psychological disturbances, multiple sclerosis, aches and pains, sweating, tearfulness and emotional disorders. Right breast cancers, rash, allergy and urticaria and serious food allergy and intolerance. Coeliac's disease. Pancreas disorders, TMJ.

Tin (Sn) : Atomic number 50, atomic weight 116.89 used in amalgam, now more frequently replaced with Nickel. Current produced : 53 microamps. Colour vibration : Violet. Diana's energy harmoniser antidote : Sweet violet. Magnetic field : Right drift, South seeking negative.

Nutritional antidote : not known.

Treatment point : CMP crown.

Symptoms of toxicity : not known.

Herbal Formulae for the Elimination and Treatment of Metal Pollution. Blood

Tonic/Circulation : Ginseng golden seal, Bayberry bark, Hawthorn berries, St. John's wort, Ginger root.

Bowel Cleansing : Cascara sagrada, Rhubarb root, Barberry bark, Lobelia, Golden seal, Fennel, Cayenne, Ginger root, Red raspberry, Thyme.

Digestion : Gentian root, Alfalfa, Condurango, Fennel, Ginger root, Licorice root. Lymphatic Purifier : Echinacea.

Liver Cleanser : Barberry bark, Dandelion root, Meadowsweet, Wild yam, Cramp bark, Catnip, Peppermint, Wahoo, Black root, Ginger root.

Nerve Tonic : Black cohosh, Hops, Skullcap, Valerian, Wood betony, Mistletoe catnip, Lobelia.

Kidneys : Cleavers, Urva ursi, Couch grass, Yarrow, rest Harrow root, Marshmallow root, Ginger root.

Action which should be taken when dental material are causing health disturbances.

Before any action is taken to stabilise the patient's condition, it is essential to analyze the problem and discover which teeth are creating trauma. The most satisfacotry method is energy analysis by electro acupuncture testing. A galvanometer (electrical resistance tester) calibrated to read microamps is used to assess the energy field. Kinesiology may also be used. Having isolated the teeth which are vibrating incorrectly, it is essential to assess which the superior electrode is. This tooth should always be treated first as in many cases having removed the filling or fixture which is acting as the electrode, the battery effect immediately stabilises. This often negates he need for further dentistry.

Alternatives to Dental Metals:

1.. Amalgam may be replaced with composite.

2.. Crowns may be replaced with ceramic/porcelain.

3.. Posts and pins should be replaced with stainless steel.

4.. Dental materials such as acrylic bonded with cobalt and cadmium should be replaced with Meliodent, a cobalt cadmium free material.

5.. Where possible only one metal should be used in the mouth i.e. where gold is used for crowns, amalgam fillings should be replaced with composite. If dentures are worn, amalgam fillings should be replaced with composite and crowns should be porcelain or ceramic.

6.. It is essential to ensure that two differing metals used in the mouth should not be in contact i.e. a denture pin in contact with an amalgam filling or an amalgam filling in contact with a gold crown.

7.. Titanium is currently in use and at present there are no registered disturbances caused by this metal.

When a patient is suffering from health problems as a result of metal pollution, further dentistry is hazardous and may have a serious effect on the patient. It is essential, therefore, to assess the level of vitality of the patient before advising dentistry. Removal of fillings requires drilling and amalgam and this creates an atomic bomb effect on the system which will further pollute an already overloaded lymphatic system. It is necessary to stabilise the health of the patient before advising dentistry. The patient is treated with an herbal detoxification programme, Energy harmoisers, nutritional antidotes and careful dietary control. Lymphatic stimulation massage is advised prior to and immediately after dental treatment to ensure that the patient's health does not deteriorate.


Woman Early 40s

Medical history : In constant pain, Gallbladder removed in early 30s. Troubled periods with backache, dysmenorrhoea, clotting and haemorrhage, overweight, varicose veins, angina and circulatory disorders, very wrinkled and generally unwell.

Medical treatment: Beta blockers.

Problem : Mercury filling adjacent to Gold crown.

Treatment: Mercury amalgam changed for composite. Gold crown replaced with ceramic crown.

Result : Within four months, general level of vitality improved, looked younger, felt better, angina disappeared, cholesterol level stabilised, lost a stone in weight. Periods stabilised.

Young Married Woman.

Medical history : Two miscarriages within six months.

Medical treatment: No explanation.

Problem: Decay under mercury filling lower left 5.

Treatment: Changed amalgam filling for composite.

Results: Conceived for the third time and produced a healthy child.

60-yr Old Woman.

Medical history: Paralysed for 20 years on left side of the neck and shoulder. In constant pain and unable to control the muscles of the neck and shoulder. Constantly twitching and jerking and felt that life was no longer worth living. The big toe and the adjacent toe on the left foot had crossed over each other and she was incapable of wearing normal shoes. She had swollen tongue which she was unable to control, gaunt and unable to gain weight.

Problem: Cobalt/cadmium impregnated plastic in the dentures which she had been wearing for just over 20 years.

Treatment: Changed the dental plastic for Meliodent dentures.

Results: Within four months she was pain-free. She had stopped jerking and was able to stand upright. Her tongue subsided and she was able to taste her food. She started to gain weight and had taken up knitting. Her toes straightened and she was able to wear normal shoes. Apart from having to support her head when she relaxed for long periods, for example whilst watching television, the quality of her life improved dramatically.

Young Girl of 19.

Medical history: Stunted growth, antisocial and shy. She suffered with approximately 12 large cysts on her abdomen, left breast and back. The skin on her back was suffering with blocked pores. She also suffered with lymphatic acne and chronic endometriosis.

Problem: This was an interesting test case as although she had no fillings she had bitten and broken a thermometer and swallowed the mercury when she was five years old.

Treatment: Elimination diet, constant Lymphatic stimulation treatment, Herbal and nutritional therapy. Selenium.

Results: After one year of treatment she made a total recovery, the cysts disappeared. Her periods were normal and pain-free. The acne cleared and she became gregarious and happy. She is just about to get married.

35-yr Old Woman

Medical history: Has always enjoyed good health until she had started to have dizzy spells and collapsed several times. The doctors diagnosed Multiple sclerosis and she was confined to a wheel chair. She was paralysed in both legs but her right leg ached all the time.

Problem: two amalgam fillings which were leaking silver, on lower left 7 and upper right 4.

Treatment: Changed the fillings for composite.

Results: Within two weeks she ceased to have pains in her legs and was able to walk and live without the wheelchair. Four months later her doctor said that he had made an incorrect diagnosis and that she did not have multiple sclerosis at all. He was unable, however, to make any suggestions as to the cause of her paralysis. She has now gone back to work and is leading a normal life.

25-yr Old Woman.

Medical history: Had married 2 months prior to assessment. Was suffering from chronic fatigue and migraine. Constipation and stomach cramps. She had always been in good health but had suffered from endometriosis and serious PMT before her marriage.

Problem: Her engagement ring which she had only worn for about 2 months was an antique family heirloom of Gold, the gold was very worn and she was allergic to it. She had a large amalgam filling which was completely black. Lower right 6. The house which she had moved to after marriage, was old with old copper water pipes.

Treatment: Advised removal of engagement ring and suggested that she had it coated on the inside with rhodium or had the metal replaced with 18ct gold. Changed filling for composite. Treated the water supply.

Results: Totally recovered from migraine and stomach cramps immediately after dentistry. Pain-free periods after two months and no further PMT. She is no longer suffering from constant exhaustion.

Boy of 12 years.

Case history: For about six years constantly tired and ill with very low vitality. Antisocial and unable to make friends. Excessively clumsy and suffered from frequent headaches, nervous twitches and jerks. Unable to concentrate for long periods and although extremely intelligent, scholastic level reduced. Chronic fatigue.

Problem: At three years old, two front teeth were knocked out which caused the second set of teeth to grow crooked. He was treated with orthodentics. He suffered from serious cobalt poisoning.

Treatment: Discovered the problem after 5 years of illness and countless medical checks which were not conclusive. The orthodontic treatment which was nearly completed was terminated early and the brace was removed. Treated the boy with oligo elements of zinc/nickel/cobalt/spirulina. Careful nutritional therapy and frequent lymphatic stimulation massage, vibrational antidotes.

Results: Complete recovery after 6 months and he is now totally well and has achieved high results at school and is captain of the school football team.

Man 50-yr Old

Case history: Insulin dependent Diabetic

Problem: Chrome dentures.

Treatment: Changed denture material for Meliodent. Treated the man with Chromium GTF 200mg, zinc and oil of evening primrose, careful dietary advise and lymphatic stimulation massage.

Results: After two weeks of removal of the Chrome denture he was no longer dependent on his insulin injections. After six months his doctor informed him that his diabetes had miraculously disappeared!

Young man 25 years

Case history: Chronic fatigue Syndrome M.E.

Problem: Serious stress for 2 years due to extensive dentistry. Also suffered with candida albicans and asthma. He had been treated with antibiotics. He was suffering from a chronic overload of pollution. The mercury leaking from three fillings was a major contributory toxin.

Treatment: Dietary control and treatment of candida albicans. Careful supplimentation to increase the patient's vitality.

Changed the primary electrode filling for composite but unfortunately the other two fillings continued to register disturbances in the energy field. Changed both the other fillings for composite and after a period of 6 months and very careful therapy the patient's vitality improved. He is now leading a normal life and is working but occasionally has mild relapses.


Whilst metals create toxic overload and sometimes very serious disturbances in the vitality and health of the patient, metals are by no means the only cause of illness. It is essential to realise that just attending to faulty dentistry is not always sufficient to improve the health of the patient but plays an important role in decreasing the level of pollution in the body.

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