First AID for Spiritual Emergency

By Dr. Leo Rebello

In the event of injury inflicted by a brother, sister, husband, wife or a loved one follow these procedures :

1) Keep calm.Still your soul before God at the moment of impact. Rushing about trying to correct the injury usually causes greater damage.

2) Apply direct pressure of understanding to the wound. What caused the incident?  Could you have prevented it?  Negligence? How does the offended party feel? What if things were reversed?

3) Wash the wound thoroughly with kindness to remove all harshness and vindictiveness.

4) Coat liberally with the ointment of love. This will protect one from the infections of resentment and bitterness.

5) Bandage the injury with forgiveness. This will keep it out of sight until the wound is healed.

6) Don't pick the scab off by bringing up the subject and opening the wound. Serious damages from the infection in no.4 still exists. This could be fatal spiritually.

7) Beware of self-pity which is painful and touchy. This is often referred to as withdrawing pains, evidence by the injured one withdrawing from others, especially the one inflicting the injury.  Remedy - accept apologies.

8) Prescription : take a generous dose of antibodies from the word of God several times daily, using prayer/meditation each time. This has a soothing effect and is definitely a good pain killer.

9) Stay in close contact with great physician at all times. Depend upon His strength, joy and peace to help you in your convalescence.

10) Evidence of full recovery is noticed when the patient is in full fellowship and harmony, especially with the offending party.

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