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Health Reform Agenda

By Dr. Leo Rebello

Released worldwide on October 25, 2004 Subject: The need to establish WHHO

Friends: I have been following this Benveniste and Randi chain for some time. I am now intervening to put the discussion on proper track. Because, unless we know what we are saying and what we wish to do, it won't help much. I am changing the subject. It is not Benveniste and Randi anymore, it is WHHO.

So, let us begin at the beginning. I urge you to read this email with patience and apply your mind to it.

1.. Martin talks of forming "Defence of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners" on "small scale". I would like to know "Complementary and Alternative to What"? Also, are we here for Protecting the Practitioners or Patients' rights? Can we take on the giant manipulators with "small scale" efforts? If we are not clear what we are talking then we won't make much headway. Remember, that our fight is with powerful manipulators. First you understand their modus operandi and only then you will know how to defeat the enemy. Piecemeal solutions won't help. Net discussions will not bring net results.

2.. When someone talks of Alliance of Natural Health, first I would like to know who are connected with it? Is ANH a one-man initiative jumping on the bandwagon (like those hearse chasing lawyers of America who have messed up everything there) or is it a democratic set up? Is it a regional alliance or world alliance? If it is a world alliance, what is its hierarchy, the aims and objectives? Does ANH stand for drugless healing modalities like Naturopathy, Acupressure, Chiropractic, Osteopathy? Or does it also include Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Siddha, Unani and other holistic healing modalities?

3.. Chris Gupta talks of dissolution of "the 39 Cancer Act". He adds that it would grab media attention too. Am I to assume that this particular Act is limited to America/Canada or is it being followed worldwide indirectly, like AIDS racket? Since Chris says it is his "personal baby" the least that he can do is explain the salient (mis) features of it, like : who passed this law and when, and how challenging it can help set right things, which are ab initio wrong. Because chemotherapy is a treatment, which is worse than the disease and there are no two opinions on it!

4.. How many on this list have lectured at or visited the WHO headquarters in Geneva and studied its (mal)functioning? Is it really the World HEALTH Organisation? Let me give brief background how WHO functions since I have visited it thrice and also addressed the Ministerial Conference on Health Futures in 1993. This gargantuan organisation has exactly two rooms set aside for Traditional and Natural Medicine (TNM) Department. In 1993, one Chinese lady, who knew nothing beyond Acupuncture and some Chinese herbs headed that department. She had a secretary and two assistants, limited budget and no one listening to her.

5.. For your information, world over 80% people believe in and depend on TNM for their health needs even today and yet WHO accords a very low priority to TNM, because WHO has been hijacked by the Pharma-cartel. According to me WHO is the Enemy No.1 of People's Health, like USA is the Terrorist no.1 of the world. By spreading falsehood, lies, WHO has killed more people in normal times than all the war casualties put together. Through its various arms and wings, WHO promotes Special Virus program of the CIA, creates panic worldwide in the name of SARS, Anthrax, manipulates laws through Codex, destroys economies of the world by pressurising Govts. to buy ARVs and other lethal drugs from mercenary pharma companies, makes iodization of salt compulsory for every one; instead of educating people on simple ORT, it concentrates on manufacturing and distributing ORT solutions produced by pharma mafia; through HDN net it continuously promotes the lie HIV=AIDS=Death (if ARVs is not taken) and those who challenge HIV ghost are hounded and dubbed as antagonists!!! In short, WHO has become a WHOre and moron medics are the administrators of that International Unfit Organisation.

6.. Hence, I propose, that either we take control of WHO (which is not possible) or replace it with WHHO, that is World Holistic Health Organisation with following broad aims:

(a) To stop Fluoridation and Chlorinating of Drinking Water.

(b) To stop Genetically Modified foods.

(c) To stop Cancer treatment based on Radiation, Chemotherapy and Surgery.

(d) To stop grotesque compulsory Vaccinations which play havoc with human bodies.

(e) To stop force-feeding of lethal drugs like ARVs to AIDS patients and other so-called life-saving drugs to patients, based on bogus trials and business motives.

(f) To stop "Population Control Programs" of all kinds, and also Chemtrails.

(g) To stop quarantine laws based on havoc principle and creating false alarm like SARS, etc.

(h) To recognise the "Right to Health" and "Right to Choose the Medicine" of one's choice. Right to Health is akin to Right to Life and Right to Health is not what CDC or WHO dictates.

(i) Consequently, the Right to Propagate all systems of medicine.

(j) Govts of the World must NOT discriminate or organise against Traditional and Natural Medicines.

(k) Centres of Disease Control, which are nothing but the extension of sinister Population Control Program of the CIA must be abolished forthwith.

(l) Citizens refusing due to their informed, inherent or religious beliefs Chemical medicines must NOT be victimised, their children/wards should NOT be snatched away from them and they should not be allowed to be persecuted or prosecuted.

(m) Universities / Colleges must be encouraged to teach, like in India, all systems of medicine.

(n) All Govt. and Municipal Hospitals must have all systems of medicines.

(o) Research grants should be given equally to all systems of medicine. For example: pseudo-science called Allopathy says that you have got to live with Diabetes, Asthma, Cancers, AIDS, etc. But Holistic Healing modalities do not think so. The word "re-search" actually means re-searching the old wisdom, not re-inventing the wheel.

(p) Likewise, grants should be made available to develop Homeo, Urine and Veggie-Vaccines, which are safer, cheaper and without side effect.

(q) One need not read the conclusions of double-blind, randomised, controlled clinical trials to know that massage works, that hydrotherapy is miraculous, that a colon cleanse, liver and kidney flush are life saving, that yoga helps, that fruits, vegetables and herbs are God-given, and Nature Cure is the ultimate healing modality.

(r) May it be noted that the present health delivery system is costly, urban-based, technology-oriented, heavily curative in its approach, dependency creating and massive fraud. Unless it is community-oriented, cheap, health restoring, without side effects, nothing is going to change.

(s) Therefore, in conclusion, Health Care is Self-Care. One need not take prescription from Moron Medics before eating, sleeping, walking, or talking! My Health is my Concern, like I am proud of my language, culture, religion, etc. Can you by law make Muslim eat pig or Hindu eat cow meat? Can you by law ask Muslim to pray in Church or vice versa? Then what right have the Govts of the world got to force on me and my children the deleterious chemicals prescribed by bogus medical science which is based on plagiarised premise of a thief called Louis Pasteur? How can you destroy 5000-year old perfect health sciences like Ayurveda, or age old wisdom of Natural healing?

7.. At the same time, the lawmakers should be made to realize that under the WTO-GATT regime, some low-ranking officials decide and make laws based on considerations other than human welfare and consequently such actions militate against the very tenets of good governance or democracy or aainst the sovereignty of the nation or self-determination. Local initiative, small organisation, one man "initiatives" cannot undertake this huge task.

8.. Barristers we can employ, if necessary. That is secondary. For, as Harold Laski said, "Judges do not give judgments. They only decide, which of the two sides argued better". I say, which of the two sides confused the judge/s better. And confusion starts with corruption. Pharma cartels have been buying everything including judges. The worst example of that is George Bush getting "selected" in spite of half-a-million fewer votes. You cannot win with such manipulators by the present strategy or taking them up legally by employing some barrister whom some of you may know personally. That is like a housewife selecting a housemaid for temporary facilitation.

9. Some of you who make so much uninformed noise on the Net in the name of Health Freedom must also first define what health is. Does health mean taking synthetic Vitamins, or micro-nutrients, or food supplements or fads like decaffeinated coffee, sugarless sugar, tobacco less cigarette, salt-less salt, diet coke, slim butter, etc. while gorging on dead and diseased meats, genetically modified foods, and drinking dead/radiated water?

10. Wake up folks, as a first step, let about 100 of us meet (may be here in India, or I am ready to fly to UK) and brain-storm on what we wish to do to save our future and the future of our children and grand-children. It is the total environment which is at stake. It is our health which is being systematically ruined. It is genocide going on mass scale and we need to Arise, Awake and Act, NOW. The 100 should be independent doctors, nurses, educationists, legal experts, law makers, social scientists and journalists with clear vision. The emphasis is on "Independent" and "Clear Vision".

11. I know Josef and Tamara on this list personally having met them at the Codex in 2002. I know Emma, Louise, Chris and Paul through exchanges on the net. I know that Tim Bolen is a Consumer Advocate and he has fought (like me with the Quackwatch nuts). I have heard about Hulda Clark. I am sorry, I do not know others on this list. All, however, seem dedicated lot and wish to do something concrete. Some of you lack guidance and wider vision going by the discussion at hand. Some may be there to make money under disguise of health freedom. Therefore, let it be firmly noted that we cannot allow anyone in one way or the other connected with any industry (whether regular pharma cartel or vitamins or food supplement business), because then our entire focus changes. We then get caught in the cross fire of "Natural" versus "Chemical" kitsch.

12. I am ready to give a lead, because I have over 25 years of clinical, teaching and research experience in the field of Holistic Health. Written 26 books and delivered over 10,000 lectures in 61 countries. I also guide doctoral and post doctoral students and have consistently refused lucrative offers to make billions. I am dedicated to my patients and students. I am mostly vegetarian and teetotaler; I have not inoculated or vaccinated by two boys (22 and 18) and have achieved miraculous results like repairing broken bones without surgery, making quadriplegic get up and play, AIDS patients live without ARVs, I have given new life to MD patients, etc. If the Pope who is afflicted with Parkinsonism were to hear of me, he would immediately canonise me as saint greater than Mother Teresa!!!:) Even though I am putting a wink sign here, I am not joking. My name has also been recommended by many for the Nobel, but only Americans and Jews are selected for that tainted award!!! :( You can see my letter of 12 December 1996 to the Nobel Foundation recommending them to split the Medicine Award into two : one for superior Traditional and Natural Medicine and one for the so-called Scientific Medicine. According to Nobel's Will it is possible. But corrupt medicine nobel committees have pawned their heads to pharma mafia like WHO has become a WHOre.

13. So, that brings me to the last point -- we must have an International Award for Health, greater than the Nobel Prize without dirty politics, patterned on the Right Livelihood Awards and scrupulously ensure that these awards are not politicised and undeserving do not walk away with them by misguiding or window-dressing the records.

14. Are you ready folks? Or as the bard said, "only sound and fury signifying nothing" on the net?

15. I have generated enough heat for you to get out of somnolence and work unitedly with clear vision. Warm wishes from sunny India to help you get over your depressing and killing cold. ~ Dr. Leo Rebello


To : Dr. N.H.Antia, Chairperson, Jan Swasthya Abhiyan, C/o CEHAT, Pune.

Dear Dr. Antia :

I have received your invitation to 5 and 6 Sept. meeting to be held at The Retreat House, Bandra, Bombay.

First, let me take the liberty to point out two glaring mistakes - one typographical and one of limitation as regard to policy matter. When you talk of Jan Swasthya, this makes it all the more important and hope you will correct in the light of my following observations.

1.. The first mistake. The correct name of the Chairman of NHRC is Dr. A.S.Anand. Advocate Anand Grover is a different person. This is a typographical mistake. In future please ensure that atleast the proofs are checked before posting.

2.. The second mistake is more glaring. You are talking of Jan Swasthya Abhiyan, that is People's Health Movement. Unfortunately, the note titled PROTOCOL TO DOCUMENT CASES OF DENIAL OF RIGHT TO HEALTH CARE and the Questionnaire circulated therewith are limited in scope and focus. Similarly, the subjects under discussion and the speakers selected are the same old people who have been saying the same old things for ad nauseam years without applying their minds.

3.. The denial of some facilities and discrimination of these facilities at various Govt. hospitals is one thing and the Right to Health Care are two different things. Inherent within the Right to Health are Right to Information, Right to Know, Right to Choose, Right to Refuse, and the Right to Redressal. Right to Health, as Supreme Court decreed, is akin to Right to Life and it is fundamental. Is this Right given to patients? Or half baked scientists arbitrarily prescribe chlorine to water, flouride to toothpaste, iodine to salt, etc. or Codex Alementarius decides that Vitamins and Supplements are not good for people and cannot be bought off the shelf!

4.. To celebrate 25th Anniversary of "Health for All" declaration blindly after the deadline of 2000 is long past (now the new deadline is 2020!) and to think how even apex body World Health Assembly's resolutions are sidelined by the pharma-mafia-controlled WHO are two different things.

5.. Some of your speakers are so naive as to think that providing anti-retrovirals to AIDS patients is providing Basic Health Care, when they least know that these lethal chemicals in themselves are immuno-suppressants and many of them have dangerous side effects being carcinogenic. Persons like Anand Grower (and their tribe grows) create AIDS SCARE, whereas I work for AIDS CARE! - therein lies the difference.

6.. The Govt. of India has recognised six systems of medicines, namely, Allopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, Siddha and Unani. However, all discussions are Allopathy oriented and it is indeed pathetic. Because, Allopathy is a pseudo science and it has created more diseases, deformities and deaths. It is indeed a sorry state of affairs that even an organisation headed by you and dubbed as People's Health Movement give a step motherly treatment to superior Holistic Health sciences.

7.. If you wish to really have a Jan Swasthya Abhiyan, you need to give up your tunnel vision and have a wider angle, my dear friend.

Like for example : (a) Why should 80% funds be allocated to gargantuan allopathy hospitals and medicines?

(b) Why cannot each Govt. facility have all recognised systems of medicines, from which the patients can choose whatever treatment modality they want?

(c) Why not establish more colleges of Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, Siddha, etc.

(d) Why compensation, mediclaim benefits and medical bills are denied to those opting for safer, cheaper and effective Holistic Healing modalities?

(e) Why should allopathic vaccinations, an aberration like the medicine itself, be made compulsory?

(f) Why cannot the safer, cheaper and very effective Homoeopathic, Veggie Vaccines be tested, tried and distributed on mass scale?

The other questions are: (g) Can those who lecture on the dangers of tobacco, alcohol and other substances themselves abuse these drugs?

(h) Are many of the tests prescribed and performed necessary?

(i) Are they foolproof, like for example, how foolproof are the Elisa and Western Blot tests?

(j) Are the allopathic drugs adequately tested?

(k) Are surgeries performed mindlessly, necessary?

(l) Are indiscriminate Ceasarian section and episitiomies done or labour inducers necessary?

(m) Or for that matter the lumbar puncture or lumbar anaesthesia given to women, without informed consent, necessary?

(n) Why not Yoga, Lamaze method or husband's semen dose which facilitates delivery or Acupuncture in pain management?

(o) Are you aware of the diseases caused by mixed metals in the mouth?

(p) Are you aware that even in the Govt. and municipal hospitals the patients are fleeced?

(q) Do you know that even in a very good BMC hospital like KEM the bypass surgery costs approx. Rs.50,000?

(r) Are you aware that Amniocentes is done even today mainly to find the gender and occasionally to find the genetic deformities?

(s) What about the organ thefts from poor patients in Govt. hospitals?

(t) And do you know when it comes to Cornea grafting, rich persons get preference over the poor?

(u) What about disability benefits to genetic disorders like NMDs?

(v) Can gallbladder stones be removed by Olive oil treatment?

(w) Are the causes of cancers known and if so, are the treatments, namely, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, all of which prohibitively costly and dangerous necessary?

(x) How scientific is the scientific medicine which experiments on mute animals and then prescribes inadequately tested drugs on human beings?

(y) When Hippocrates said, let food be your medicine, why only few hours of elementary lectures are given on this subject in MBBS?

(z) If you have got to live with diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, HIV-AIDS, and take drugs for lifetime (and consequently reduce the life itself) then what kind of medicare are you talking of? Pray, what kind of People's Health Movement is that?

I do not think you or the other organisers have even applied their minds to these fundamental questions. Your approach and that of other funds gobbling, do-gooders or mushrooming NGOs is to do mindless research, fill forms, organise discussions, call name sake people to preside, who have no time to meditate, think, ratiocinate, make representations to them and grab the publicity and satisfaction that you have done something great.


When you find the time and the inclination, discuss these issues with me and if you are genuine in your pursuit, please circulate the copies of this email to the participants.

Let Amrit Manthan take place. Incidentally, Amrit Manthan is the title of Holistic Health journal that I bring out, and which Mrs. Antia had liked so much that she had asked for atleast 10 copies, which were provided to her. Answers to most of the above questions are listed in this journal. But if frogs could read and apply their minds, the world would be different !!!

With best wishes

Dr. Leo Rebello

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