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International AIDS Conference held in Barcelona in July 2002.

Candid Comments by Dr. Leo Rebello

International AIDS Conference was nothing but a circus - with 17,000 participants, leaders like Bill Clinton, IK Gujral, Health Minister of India 'Shotgun' Sinha reading from the notes passed by mediocre Secretaries, Bachi Karkaria-type journalists asking foolish questions to mark their presence, practically 90% delegates smoking and freaking out, after collecting their per diem (210 Euros each, in addition to free air ticket, free accommodation, free transport, free food and gifts), Barcelona turned out into the biggest tourist destination. I was the ONLY stupid person who did not take one day, half-day, two-days sightseeing tours.

The "official" conference dealt with anti-retrovirals, anti-retrovirals, and anti-retrovirals ! Nothing on Alternative Medicine, Alternative Methods, Alternative Approaches. Durban AIDS Conference 2000 was decidedly much better in every respect. The next jamboree is in Thailand in 2004 and India is bidding for 2006.

If only I had collected the papers/things strewn everywhere on the last day at the Conference venue in Barcelona, and transported to India, I would make atleast two million rupees by selling that waste! What a criminal waste of resources. One glaring example should suffice : Glaxo gave to each and every delegate bags, pens, medals, CDs, coffee flasks, mugs, books, posters and unlimited flow of coffee and tea, not to speak of luncheons and parties, because it has made the biggest profits by selling anti-retrovirals, ostensibly by saving the poor AIDS patients dying in Africa, Asia and Latin America !

The parallel AIDS conference which did NOT believe in HIV = AIDS = DEATH paradigm, at which I was one of the main speakers along with Roberto Giraldo, Etienne de Harven, was more challenging. But since it was NOT sponsored, it lacked in funds, and consequently there were about 500 participants as against 17,000 participants at the "official" conference. But it was well covered by the media.

On my return journey, I spent one day in Paris, and then three days each in Kuwait and Dubai, lecturing Indians, who liked my lectures and healing methods so much, that they have decided to host me again in September or November in Dubai, Kuwait, Muscat, Bahrain and other places.

And then I made a dash to Delhi to file my nomination in the Indian Vice Presidential elections.

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