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Jade Goody - Killed or Died?

Article Written in 2009 by Dr. Leo Rebello.

Jade Goody was hale and hearty, about six months ago, when she was shooting in India for Big Boss 2. Came the 'deadly' announcement that she had cancer and she had to take the next available flight to London. Where was the emergency? If she had stayed in India, admitted herself in an Ayurvedic, Nature Cure hospital or consulted me, she need not have died. The medicine mafia killed her. But these 'Medical Donkeys' (MDs) are 'scientifically protected' and you cannot press mass murder charges against them. On the contrary you could be sued for denying the "official treatment". Such laws, so far, do not exist in India.

Jade Goody had cervical cancer. That is largely due to "Birth Pills" that means pills taken to avoid pregnancy. And Gardasil is another problem that is killing the western women.

Cervical cancer, or for that matter, breast, colon, ovarian, lung or any other cancer is a systemic disease. It is present in the body long before the appearance of any recognisable cancer cells.

The notion that 'cancer could be caught early and successfully treated by surgery, drugs and radiation' is lethal disinformation, which only helps (p)harma mafia to cash on to the detriment of patients in which millions of Jade Goody(s) are crucified to the hospital beds unnecessarily.

Only 3 nails crucified Jesus Christ 2009 years ago. Here the women suffer, day-in and day-out, first due to Birth Pills (hormones that play havoc), then the battery of tests, x-rays, at the time of diagnosis, then fear and uncertainty, surgeries and unnecessary medicines, the carcinogenic chemotherapy, and heavy cost burden, the disorientation of family life, etc.

As far back as 1920s, Dr. Otto Warburg carried out a great deal of work on cancer's basic mechanism and was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1932. Warburg's work clearly demonstrated that cancer is, fundamentally, a relatively simple disease where cell oxygen falls to a level sufficiently low enough for the cell to change in nature. Warburg defined cancer as a condition where the respiration of oxygen in the normal cell is replaced by the fermentation of glucose.

Cancer and viruses need anaerobic (airless) conditions: this has given rise to the dangerous myth that viruses cause cancer: whereas virus (poison) is, merely, sometimes found at a tumour site. There is no evidence of a causal link between viruses and cancers.

In 1966, after his efforts had been ignored by the cancer industry for over thirty years, Warburg addressed a group of fellow Nobel Laureates, reiterating his views and concluded ... "... nobody today can say that one does not know what cancer and its prime cause be. On the contrary, there is no disease whose prime cause is better long prevention will be avoided depends on how long the prophets of agnosticism will succeed in inhibiting the application of scientific knowledge in the cancer field. In the meantime, millions ... must die of cancer unnecessarily."

As the cause has been known so has the correct treatment. Enlightened practitioners have long successfully treated cancer victims using direct oxygen therapy and/or a regime of raw, organic, vegan, alkalising, oxygenating nutrition, Yoga - asanas, pranayam, meditation, music therapy, homeopathy, herbs, acupressure, etc. Grapes, wheat grass, sprouts, buttermilk, mud application on the stomach, ozone therapy, chromo-therapy (natural radiation, you may say), give excellent results. But when the media is controlled by the businessmen, and medicine mafia's role has been defined -- to control population -- who has the time and inclination to look at the safer, cheaper, reliable and very effective Holistic Healing modalities?

As luck would have it, Jade was in India, where six systems of medicines have been recognised and where 80% people rely on traditional and natural medicine and enjoy healthy lives. She could have admitted herself in one of the Holistic Healing centres and her good friend Shilpa Shetty, who became international celebrity because of Jade's one comment, should have advised her to start on a holistic regime: treatment designed to raise the level of health - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, the only way to successfully treat a cancer victim.

My naturopath colleague, Pat Rattigan from London reports: "In 2004, the Nutritional Cancer Therapy Trust there had been in operation for 6 years and had treated 500 patients: 90% of them "terminal": people who had been left for dead by the orthodoxy. Many, after NCTT therapy, were years past their "die-by" dates. As such, it was a sure target for the cancer business and their very good pals at the BBC. Watchdog was chosen as the vehicle: the programme makers decided not to ask direct questions of the Trust director but opted for secret filming in order to edit and discredit.

Watchdog - "The treatment costs £ 8,000 per year." FALSE : the net cost, above normal living expense was £4,500, equal to the State aid available. Conventional treatments would cost, at that time, £20/30,000 yearly.

"Some of you ... want some serious questions asked about the NCTT." : implying that there was public concern being expressed about the NCTT methods. FABRICATION ; this was a made to order hatchet-job.

"..Cancer cells. Forty years ago, they would have, most likely, killed. Today, the odds of survival are much better. That's, largely, down to how early cancer is spotted and how it is treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy and a range of drugs." COMPLETE INVENTION.

The programme used two patients. The first was a woman, Lavinia. ".. she was told she had a 75% chance of survival." : LIES : she had advanced, widespread cancer, and had life-expectancy, at most, of weeks. Instead of turning her away, as hopeless, she was accommodated and survived for over two months.

Watchdog used her alleged husband to portray the idea that he had been reluctantly supporting her efforts, although not believing in the treatment. FALSE : he was not her husband : they had been acrimoniously divorced and he, at her insistence, had no contact with her during her final days and was not aware of the details of her experience.

The other patient was not a NCTT client: and did not use the NCTT regime. "Tamoxifen is a drug successfully used in the treatment of breast cancer". FALSE: no woman has ever been restored to health through this drug.

"All this vegetable juice.. is making them weaker .. people are .. telling us again and again." PEOPLE WERE NOT. Watchdog stated that they had evidence that coffee enemas were dangerous: THERE WAS, AND IS, NO EVIDENCE. The presenter, Nicky Campbell announced, in the presence of the Trust's medical director, a highly qualified, experienced Ph.D. chemist, that the treatment was "snake oil".

So now you know how the BBC manipulates.

We in Natural Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy or Iscador Therapy of Cancer are not against surgery per se. Surgery has its place where the threat to life processes is immediate; an obstructed oesophagus, bile duct, colon etc... Radiation, which seeks to remove the tumour by burning instead of cutting, is of the same curative value as surgery: that is zero, but it also has many destructive, carcinogenic, immuno-suppressive effects. Cyto-toxic drugs - "chemotherapy" are designed to kill cells. Even the most intellectually-challenged of the medical orthodoxy should know that class-6 super-poisons, substances, which the administering nurses have to handle using industrial gloves, should have no place in the human body.

Reports Pat Rattigan further: Professor Karol Sikora, arguably, the cancer orthodoxy's top man, stated, on Channel 4 TV. " Being honest about the pros and cons of cancer treatment isn't always easy for doctors; I think that all patients undergoing chemotherapy believe they're going to be cured by it and, in six months time, they'll be able to walk out free of cancer. That's the dishonesty of the business. We, as doctors, tend not to confront people with the reality.... Chemotherapy is a failure, with some short term benefits at enormous cost ... Conventional medicine cannot cure cancer."

Chemotherapy, the central feature of the cancer ritual, is produced by the petrochemical industry, who also supply the deluge of agricultural, medical, industrial ... synthetics, driving the cancer plague. The petro-boys are inextricably linked with the cancer business and with the contract vivisection companies who test the poisons on rats, beagles, flying foxes ... : whatever is required to produce the required "safe" result. The government and its enforcement agencies keenly support all of this, blindly - for obvious reasons: profits and to reduce population.

Many decades ago, the cancer industrialists realised that a dense smokescreen was necessary to mask the fact that their treatments were considerably worse than useless. The misdiagnosis plot was born. I have seen this in Leukaemia cases with which small children looking absolutely hale and hearty, being deliberately forced with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Not only the children die, their parents die, too, due to heavy burden of expenses.

Jade was no greater or lesser than any other person, but she joins a long list of people in the public eye, who opted for the orthodox onslaught: King George VI, The Shah of Persia, Senator Hubert Humphrey, John Wayne, Diana Dors, Jackie Onassis, King Hussein of Jordan, George Harrison, Alan Bates, Anne Bancroft, Wendy Richard .... : all R.I.P..

Now they are pushing for the HPV-vaccine in UK, Europe and USA; ignoring the fact that the multi-million dollar/pound vaccine stunts were causing deaths and huge amounts of side-effects and that there is not a scrap of any cause-effect evidence linking the HP Virus with cervical cancer. The giggly-jigglies with their pink bunny costumes, will soon be doing the "Race for Life for Jade" raising more millions for those who funded the "research" which developed the drugs that Jade was given. And more Jade Goody(s) will die.

Dr. Leo Rebello, N.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., is the Director of Natural Health Centre, Bombay. Contact: Website:

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