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Mad Cow Disease

By Dr. Leo Rebello

Thousands of animals have been killed recklessly ever since the so-called Mad Cow Disease or Foot and Mouth Disease struck the Bovines. Incidentally, the important question is : who is mad? The cow or the medical scientists?

I will tell you why KILLING ANIMALS BY THOUSANDS FOR FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASES, IS NOT THE ANSWER. Pause for a moment and think : if human beings got flu epidemic, should we slaughter them too? And what is the guarantee that inspite of this mindless slaughter, the disease will not strike again? Diseases spread in squalid surroundings and whenever the environment is wrong.

The root cause of Foot and Mouth Disease or Mad Cow Disease is the modern day FACTORY FARMS. The unhygeinic condition, crowding, animals being fed with other animal dead meat, very cruel and inhumane treatment in the factory farms; all of which depress animal immune system, which in turn lead to animal diseases of the kind we are facing today.

Even if you kill ALL of the animals and re-raise new animals, the disease will come back again... as long as the .crowding and barbaric treatment conditions in factory farms continue and animals feed on other dead animals.

We, therefore, advise immediate STOP to mindless slaughter of thousands of innocent, sentient animals. Listen to animals screaming, crying for their life when you cut their throat open, when you bury them alive and burn them.

Perhaps, the most important lesson to learn from the Mad Cow disease and Foot and Mouth disease is to change Europe's lifestyle to eat "plant foods" instead of eating dead and diseased animals for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Stop killing Animals mindlessly in a knee jerk reaction. And yes, stop pigging! More people die due to over eating and unnatural eating than due to malnutrition.

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