No to Organ Donation

by Dr. Leo Rebello

Dr. Leo Rebello from Bombay-India, in 1985, was the first person in India to pledge his body. But now he is vehemently against Organs Donation and Transplants. Read his poem LAST WILL and his incisive article below and share this with your friends.

LAST WILL © Dr. Leo Rebello

      The day will come       when my life will stop.       Cardiac massage and Kiss of Life       then will be of no use.       Relatives will cry       Wife, if still alive       will break her Mangalsutra and bangles       and become a widow.       There'll be frantic telegrams       and telephones       to caretaker and grave digger       to morgue and hearse.       The people who loved and missed me,       will now be all eager to bury me       - lest I stink.

      Before that I'd like to donate:       eyes to the sightless       heart to the harried heart       kidneys to a renal failure       lungs to a tuberculoid       brain to a spastic child       blood to an accident victim       bones to the deformed       skin to a burns patient.       Something were to remain still       let them dispose it off       without any religious mumbo-jumbo       for the onward progress of my soul.       If they do all I've asked       I'll live for ever.

Rebello family was also the first to register for the Eye donation when the Times of India spearheaded this campaign in late Eighties.

I am still for Eye Donation as it gives sight to the sightless inspite of my bad experience in that field.

But now I do not support the idea of organs donation. Here goes why I am now vehemently against Organ Donation or Cadaver Donation:

1.. It is an International racket of the worst kind.

2.. Organ donation leads to medical murders, organ thefts (from poor) to benefit only the rich. Accident victims in coma are declared as Brain Dead to Harvest the Hearts to paying patients.

3.. It is costly and makes the person dependent on doctors and keeps the patients sick.

4.. 95% surgery is unnecessary. After major surgery the life of the operated patient is reduced by 5 to 10 years apart from the patient being de-capacitated in many ways.

5.. The organ recipient either dies shortly or if s/he survives, it is maximum another 5 years. If you do NOT tinker with your body, you can live to be healthy hundred without Ills, Pills and Hospital Bills.

6.. Also note that the Multi-Organ failure (on the rise) is due largely to dangerous drugs and treatments which are worse than the disease.

7.. If you are a famous person, chip can be implanted into you during surgery and you can be controlled or killed. 666 - the Devil at work.

8.. When you get some one else's blood or organ, not only you get that person's diseases, but the karma, personality traits. Examples: (a) when you put some one's SIM/memory cards into your cell phone, you get entire data of someone on your mobile phone. (b) If a man gets woman's blood and vice versa, physical, mental, and spiritual changes take place. This is not told to you by medicine mafia.

9.. Finally, I come to the MOST important teaching of Jesus Christ. He taught us not only Brotherhood, Love, but also how corruption corrodes, and most importantly the body being the Holy Abode of God (tabernacle). All the miracles that Jesus performed indicate that he practiced and taught Natural Healing. Today, however, the Church has adopted the killer agenda of population control pogrom of destroying, incapacitating, killing by drugs. Today's Church-run Hospitals are rackets where mercenary doctors are killing the human beings - right from childhood through vaccinations, abortions and deadly drugs which lead to subtle genetic engineering. Next step being Bionic Man (half man, half machine).

10. Like Monsanto's terminator seed will create food shortage by destroying our Agriculture leading to food wars and water wars, this organ donation madness will annihilate the human race.

11. Today, due to mercury and other lethal ingredients in Vaccines, about 5 million children are suffering in India alone, from Autism. So, many of those die or are killed due to vaccines and abortions are not taken into account. Families are also destroyed under the debt burden of heavy medical expenses. Infact, more people die in the Hospitals in normal times, than all the war casualties put together.

12. I am ready to debate with any one. Bring all the MDs on one side and I alone am capable of tearing them apart on every count. So, organise a debate (to be shown Live on the Television).

In the meantime do browse through my popular website:

I invite you to walk with me and adopt God's Farmacy rather than Devil's (p)Harmacy.

- With Love for Humanity, Dr. Leo Rebello

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