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Patients' Rights

- Adequate information about health care and service is your fundamental right. It is also your responsibility to be better informed and less confused so that you can take decisions about your own health.

- The Right to Choice of Care includes :

- The right to be told all the facts of an illness including benefits and risks of treatment suggested as well as access to medical records.

- The right to be advised about all aspects of self-care and drug use, including the side effects of medicines prescribed.

- The right to choose alternative methods of health care, such as, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupuncture.

- The right to be given a full explanation of health care costs.

- The right to be informed about the qualifications of health care practitioners.

- The right to have details of an illness and its treatment kept as confidential as required by oneself.

- The right to be informed about special facilities, aids or organisations that can further assist recovery.

- The right to be informed in advance of any decision to be discharged or transferred to another health care facility.

- The right to choose doctors or to refuse prescribed treatment or admission to health care facilities, such as, hospitals and nursing homes.

- 15th March is celebrated every year as World Consumer Rights Day.

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