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The 11 AIDS Myth

By Dr. Leo Rebello

THE FIRST MYTH: AIDS is a new disease. It is not. It is rebranding of pre-existing conditions. AIDS symptoms are also found in people not HIV positive. AIDS was called Oja-kshaya in Ayurveda, Vettai Noi in Siddha and Al-Zabool in Unani.

THE SECOND MYTH: HIV alone causes AIDS. When HIV has not been identified, to say that it causes AIDS is the biggest con of our times. Not one controlled study has found symptoms in HIV positives without other factors also.

THE THIRD MYTH: HIV is an infectious virus. HIV is unproven as infectious as defined by Koch's rules. Besides, there are billions of viruses, germs, microbes in our body. Not all of them are harmful.

THE FOURTH MYTH: HIV infects you sexually All prostitutes should by now have become infected if that was true. Normal and natural sex infact is good for physical, mental and spiritual health.

THE FIFTH MYTH: Condom protects you from AIDS Condom protects only 60 percent. It has on the contrary created promiscuity among youth. Condoms are laced with chemicals for "additional protection". Overuse of condoms causes irritation on the penis and in the vagina.

THE SIXTH MYTH: AIDS is killing Gays AIDS among gays is actually due to prescribed and illegal drugs. 'Poppers', crack/heroin abuse and deadly drugs like Bactrim/AZT, in addition to unnatural sexual preference leads to their killing.

THE SEVENTH MYTH: Africa is ravaged by AIDS. African AIDS is inferred from symptoms, rather than tests. Malnutrition (high cortisol) causes AIDS. TB is called AIDS. See how things are manipulated.

THE EIGHTH MYTH: AIDS is an incurable disease. AIDS can be cured by avoiding toxic drugs, through good nutrition, through Yoga, Nature Cure, Herbs, Homeopathic remedies, and by a healthy lifestyle.

THE NINTH MYTH: You can test for HIV infection. There are about 60 reasons for a false positive HIV test. These tests are unreliable and they are not standardized.

THE TENTH MYTH: AZT is anti-viral against HIV AZT is NOT metabolized to an anti-viral form in cells. It damages DNA activities bodywide. Avoid this Poison. All the AIDS deaths are infact due to AZT.

THE ELEVENTH MYTH: Cocktail drugs stop HIV They mask some symptoms, but they have failed. These drugs cripple, disfigure, and leave many users disabled. AIDS deaths are mainly due to these drugs. Carcinogens are the only known cause of AIDS.

If you wish to live long, healthy and happy, then eat well, do not indulge in unnatural acts, do not take prescription and other drugs, do not depend on doctors (for health care is self care), sleep well, and always rely on holistic treatment. You do not have to live with AIDS, diabetes, asthma or any other debilitating diseases. All diseases are curable within 3 to 6 months by natural and traditional medicine.

In India we have six recognised systems of medicines, namely, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Siddha, Unani and Allopathy. Rely more on the first five. You have a right to know and right to proper information. This pamphlet should awaken you.

For more details read Dr. Leo Rebello's popular book AIDS and Alternative Medicine.

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