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XV International AIDS Conference / Bangkok from 11 to 16 July 2004.

Dr. Leo Rebello's Comprehensive & Candid Report.

1.. This was the third consecutive AIDS Conference I attended. The first one was in Durban in 2000 (the best), the second was Barcelona (the worst) and this one, in Bangkok, proved that the Asians have better brains and capacity of organizing, innovation and hospitality. The innovation being the Global Village, which allowed even the school children to visit and learn about this so-called world problem.

2.. 'Global Village' was located strategically on the ground floor in the Impact Convention Center, with the total space of 7,500 m2 and was divided conceptually into five zones: Community Radio, Community Market, Spiritual and Mental Health Promotion Centre, Centre for Community Networking and Advocacy and Global Village Coordination Centre.

3.. 'Global Village' was designed for those who could not afford the IAC 2004 registration fee (1000 US dollars) to listen to rubbish like HIV tests, condoms for prevention, carcinogenic anti-retroviral drugs as "life saving" treatment and bogus vaccine trials to hoodwink people. It brought more people, but received less media attention. Even Ms Sudarat Keyaruphan, Minister of Public Health, Thai Govt., who was hobnobbing with the VIPs at the venue daily, did not find time or was dissuaded not to inaugurate it, in spite of 'Global Village' being the Thai Govt's idea.

4.. 19,000 delegates from all over the world thronged Bangkok, once infamous for 'free sex' now known for 'safe sex' and 'traditional massage' (foreigners enjoyed it and the locals made brisk business with reasonable rates of 150 Bahts for one hour of therapeutic pressing). Thai hospitality was at its best, exotic food and wine was aplenty (but no one got drunk), fashion clothes much better than in fashion capital France and the goras (whites) went gaga over the chic ethnic couture very affordable. Law and order was excellent, but unobtrusive. Smoking was strictly not allowed inside the conference venue or public transport (luxurious air-conditioned limousine buses).

5.. The Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra, who spoke extempore and delivered a 'politically correct' speech, inaugurated the Conference. He said that GPO-Vir (locally produced ARV manufactured by Government Pharmaceutical Organisation) will be made available to all Thai PLWAs as per the theme of the conference 'Access for All' from October 2004. GPO-Vir will also be provided to the neighbouring countries like Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam. Thaksin announced one million USD donations, per annum, for 5 consecutive years to the Global Fund and received the loudest applause. However, some hired activists accusing the good PM of playing a double game marred his speech, partly.

6.. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan was accompanied by his wife Nane and read out a prepared speech that showed no understanding of the AIDS situation at its best and connivance with the pharma cartel at its worst. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, who was present at the inaugural function, was not even mentioned by name. Why should a President of a country waste his time in being part of the audience is beyond my understanding?

7.. The other bigwigs who were present at the AIDS conference included: Nelson Mandela, his second wife Graca Machel, Sonia Gandhi, Miss Universe 2004 Jennifer Hawkins, veteran soul singer Dionne Warwick, Actress Ashley Judd, star of 'Double Jeopardy'; singer Coco Lee, Hollywood star Rupert Everett, the star of movies like 'My Best Friend's Wedding'; Actor and activist Richard Gere (accompanied by Parmeshwar Godrej, Indian socialite), actress-activist Shabana Azmi and hundreds of ministers accustomed to enjoying free trips, roaming aimlessly.

8.. I conducted daily workshops at the Global Village on Yoga and Meditation, Naturopathy and Diet for AIDS patients, as also on De-stressing through Drawings and Paintings, which got tremendous response. Thai people at least know about Thai traditional medicine (Ayurveda). As for the mad Americans and Europeans "surviving on mediclaim" less said the better. Their understanding about Holistic Healing modalities is abysmal.

9.. XV International AIDS conference, as in the past, began and ended with ARVs, more ARVs and more ARVs. Anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) offer no cure for AIDS. The toxic effects of ARVs include nerve damage, weakened bones, cancers, unusual accumulation of fat in the neck and abdomen and drug-induced diabetes. Many people have developed dangerously high levels of cholesterol and other lipids in the blood, raising concern that HIV positive persons might face another epidemic of heart disease. Indiscriminate use of ARVs to pregnant mothers is fraught with danger. If a cigarette smoking mother can deliver a 'blue baby', if an alcoholic mother can deliver a 'drunk child', if thalidomide can produce 'monster babies', you are unwittingly playing with the future generation by demanding that the HIV positive mother be given ARVs compulsorily.

10. There are now some 20 ARVs and even if you were to read the mandatory caution, you will wonder how these drugs can be called 'life saving'? But that is how they are promoted and the Africans dance with their 'big botties' and make chimpanzee noises demanding free access to these dangerous drugs, not knowing what the white supremacists are trying to do to them. Their hero Nelson Mandela is unwittingly playing into the hands of Pharma mafia in spreading AIDS SCARE rather than nailing the AIDS LIE. He has formed Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF) which organised a charity concert in Cape Town in December 2003 (clippings of which were shown on the penultimate day of the conference). Called Campaign 46664, his prison number, to create awareness and fight HIV/AIDS, the politics of NMF are counter to South African President Thabo Mbeiki's sensible policies on HIV/AIDS and malnutrition, the biggest scourge of African continent.

11. Persons Living with AIDS (PLWAs) or the organisers of AIDS conferences (pharma cartel) do not know or pretend not to know that AIDS was started as a population control programme by the CIA. The second phase is to increase the numbers of AIDS patients by false tests designed to test 90% positive and manipulating statistics. Supplying more and more ARVs to larger number of population so that their genes are mutated and the future generations turn out to be zombies, unable to think, oppose or act is the ultimate goal of this sinister programme. If you do not believe me, attend the next conference in Toronto from 13-19 August, 2006 ( ) and see for yourself the manipulations that go on and the morons who present puerile papers.

12. AIDS is the biggest con of our times and a few examples will suffice.

13. I asked Dr. Jack Chow, Dy. Director General, WHO: "World Health Assembly has passed several resolutions in favour of integration of traditional and natural medicines for TB and AIDS. Why then the WHO always gives step-motherly treatment to Alternative Medicine in spite of apex body's resolutions? Is that why WHO is now called WHOre of the pharma cartel?". Tongue tied.

14. I asked Prof. Richard Chaisson of John Hopkins: "Your University recently, in association with WHO, declared after extensive study that diet and nutrition can save millions of children from dying. Why then your costly research protocol on the so-called AIDS pandemic has not taken note of this? Is it the case of left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing?". No answer.

15. I asked Dr. Helena Gayle, a minion of Gates Foundation and President-elect of International AIDS Society: "Your foundation has announced another 50 million dollars (chicken feed considering the tax exemption and publicity that Bill Gates will get). But does not even allocate 10% grants to research in traditional and natural medicine. Why? Is it because you know nothing about these systems of medicine or your boss wants to make money now in pharma business having invested heavily in all pharma MNCs?". She was stunned by my straight questions. But being a politician, she said she would discuss them later. Why later? Why not during the IAC when world attention is drawn to it?

16. I persist. I ask them that when V-1 Immunitor (the Thai oral vaccine/nano biotechnology) has shown great efficacy, or when safer homeopathic vaccines (nosodes) are available, why are they not taking it up, they have no answer. I ask them if after 50 years of trials, and billions of dollars down the drain, Cancer vaccine is not found, how can they be so sure that they will be able to find a vaccine against mutating HIV, which itself has not been identified, they gawk at me and take another question. Hundreds of participants look at me with awe or queerly.

17. I personally gave copies of my "AIDS and Alternative Medicine" book (3rd Edition, soon to go into 4th by popular demand) to the following persons:

(a) Nelson Mandela, Nobel Laureate (b) Sonia Gandhi, de facto prime minister of India (c) Richard Gere, actor-activist (d) Shabana Azmi, actress-activist (e) Helene Gayle of Gates Foundation (f) Peter Piot, head of UNAIDS and several others in the hope that they will get the light of the day.

18. Nelson Mandela, ofcourse, is too old (he is 86) to understand or acknowledge the racket called AIDS. Sonia Gandhi (whose speech was the best and who got a standing ovation for that) did mention en passant about some people not believing in the established theory of AIDS. Richard Gere though a warm person is shallow, Shabana Azmi likewise has second hand information and Peter Piot decidedly is a conniving politician.

19. If only all the above people were to read my foolproof book on AIDS or visited my popular website, they will get the complete picture of this so-called AIDS pandemic being drummed up to high crescendo. As Hitler said, "A lie repeated a thousand times becomes truth". Hitler was not right in eliminating Jews, but Hitler is very much needed today to stop the genocide unleashed by Pharma mafia in the name of AIDS pandemic.

20. For the first time, '2004 AIDS Film Festival' was organised. Held simultaneously at three different venues: (a) at Room 11 in Impact Centre (b) Lido Cinema and (c) Goethe Institute, from 13 to 19 hours, it brought many visitors. 40 Films selected from over 100 received (between April and May 2004) were screened. They dealt with exploitation of women, their low status, the trafficking of young girls, the vast crisis of illiteracy, unemployment, penury and explosive spread of injecting drug use in many countries. Films selected from various geographical regions, themes and genres were in different languages with English sub-titles or voice-overs. I saw one very poignant film titled Meddah (Mercy). It revolves around Luk Nam, an 11-year old girl in Thailand whose life has forever been changed by AIDS. Filmed over two years at a community hospice in the slums of Bangkok, the story unfolds through Luk Nam's diary as she recalls the loss of her family and her best friend.

21. I made the following comments at the end of the film. I am standing here in four capacities: (a) as a Parent (b) as a Physician (c) as a Human Rights Activist and (d) as a Communicator. As a Communicator I say that the film is excellent / heart rending. As a Physician (of 25 years standing) I must caution you that the children dying in the community hospice, as is evident from the film, were all dying by drugs, not by disease. Drug reaction and suffering due to them is evident. If only the children could speak and assert, the story would be different. As a Human Rights Activist and Parent, therefore, I shall stand up and speak fearlessly. And my indictment is pharma mafia is killing the children. We are also killing our children either due to ignorance, complicity or silence. After seeing this film I am more convinced that I will have to speak up more fearlessly to stop this sinister game. This report proves the point.

22. I shall conclude this report with two Anecdotes: All the participants at the AIDS conference were given free condoms daily. So, when I received my 100th condom as gift (in less than a week) at the hands of a beautiful, buxom college girl working as a volunteer (there were hundreds of them) I asked her teasingly, "what am I supposed to do with it?". She replied, like a parrot, "use it for safe sex". I retorted, "You have provided a condom, the next logical step is to gift a woman". She blushed, giggled, bowed and answered smartly that her job was only to distribute condoms.

23. At a stall on female condoms, I found a high ranking Thai bureaucrat being 'educated' by the college kids on the benefits of Female condom, and the press personnel going crazy to get that byte. I asked the volunteers at that stall: "Condoms come in how many sizes because African, American women are too big, whereas Thai women are very slim and small". The boys could not answer. I asked the Thai official whether he knew that Penises came in three sizes 5 inches (standard size), 7 inches and 9 inches (according to Playboy magazine world survey), the official laughed and sneaked away before I could ask him another difficult question.

24. This condom approach (incidentally a condom protects only 60%) is creating condom culture of promiscuity, condom ethics, condom morals, condom generation and condom civilisation. We are writing condomised history. Infact one lady has even created condom wedding gowns and fancy dresses, which you can wear only once like the condoms. If this madness were to continue, there would be only one-night stands, no marriages, and no population on earth. Only selected members of Masonic Mafia, who is masterminding the world, will rule to glory.

25. On July 23, upon my return from Bangkok, I circulated a brief note to my select friends as under: "I returned from Bangkok this morning. Met Nelson Mandela, Sonia Gandhi, Richard Gere, Jennifer Hawkins (Miss Universe 2004), Helena Gayle of Gates Foundation and several others. After the AIDS Conference, I conducted three workshops for the Thai Govt. (210 participants / two days residential for the Public Health Dept.), another workshop on Homeopathy (60 participants mainly doctors, half day at the Dept. of Alternative Medicine) and third workshop (60 participants, half day, for the National Health Security Office of the Thai Govt.)."

26. Responding to it, my good friend Leonard Carr, M.D., Ph.D. writes, "The ex-President you mentioned is an Elite and the fact that he was there means he was 'approved'. The Gates woman you met has to be hard core, as that entire group is. That's what happens with these One-World things. You end up with fascism of the worst kind and all the decent people in jail or executed. At least you live in an open Country, which tolerates differences of opinion and is in no great hurry to 'strike' the defenseless. I admire India. I admire your rectitude, Leo and your search for the Truth. You deserve better. Yes, more doors will open and yes, they will have to listen to you".

27. When AIDS Conference next comes to India in 2008 (proposed), I shall be the first one to organise a parallel conference on AIDS and Alternative Medicine. Let us start preparing from right now to end this AIDS racket which is playing havoc with people's health and lives.

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