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XVI International AIDS Conference Toronto 13 to 18 August, 2006.

A candid report by Dr. Leo Rebello, President, AIDS Alternativa International.

XVI International AIDS Conference held in Toronto drew 24,000 participants (official figures) from all over the world. The Prime Minister of Canada did not show up to inaugurate. Consequently, Dr. Mark Wainberg (co-chair of the conference) admonished the PM in very strong words to play to the gallery, and the next day, having realised that his knighthood may be taken away or his professorship may go, apologised for speaking under stress! This loud-mouth thinks lemons or vitamins are not good for health and Diet and Nutrition has no role to play in AIDS treatment (contrary to World Health Assembly's resolution (WHA59.11) passed in May 2006 that Diet and Nutrition in AIDS should be promoted).

Wainberg vainly thinks as long as ARVs are taken, persons living with AIDS can live for ever! This fellow who talks ad nauseam of evidence based medicine, when confronted with hard evidence against ARVs becomes very aggressive. Dr. Helene Gayle, another co-chair, as compared to Wainberg is a subtle manipulator. Now that her term of International AIDS Society is over, she has taken charge as the President and CEO of CARE, USA.

Apart from these two, the usual caboodle consisting of Mr. Bill Clinton (who charges half a million dollars per lecture), Mrs. Melinda and Mr. Bill Gates (who pay to speak), Dr. Peter Piot of UNAIDS (the politician who knows how to swim in shark infested waters), Actor Richard Gere was present, along with health ministers of several countries, including Dr. Ambumani Ramadoss of India. Actress Shabana Azmi was replaced by Actresses Sharmila Tagore and Nafisa Ali for good effect. Mr. Nelson Mandela, a permanent fixture at AIDS Conferences, surprisingly was missing this time. Maybe, he realised that he was being used and Mr. Thabo Mbeiki was right after all.

The Canada AIDS conference was dull and drab. The AIDS conference organisers (a front put up by the Pharma MNCs) have not given anything beyond ARVs, Condoms and Microbicides in last 25 years. Tell them about natural microbicides consisting of curds, turmeric or neem and they gawk at you. Even a trained parrot will have better vocabulary than these morons.

The next International AIDS Conference will be held in Mexico, in 2008. I reproduce below a letter sent to Dr. Pedro Cahn, the Co-Chair of 2008 AIDS Conference, whom I met in Toronto and gave a copy of my book AIDS and Alternative Medicine. Till today (October 9) I have not received a reply from him. When you cannot answer keep mum is the management mantra, though in law silence means acceptance of guilt.

From: Dr. Leo Rebello To: Pedro Cahn, Mats Ahnlund ; Craig McClure ; Nicolas Durand Cc: MarkWainberg Sent: Sunday, September 10, 2006 9:13 PM Subject: Re: Civil Society seats on the Conference Coordinating Committee of AIDS 2008.

Dear Dr. Pedro Cahn: The HDN-IAS protects the lie of HIV=AIDS=ARVs in a well-orchestrated blitzkrieg and keeps a total control (worse than Hitler) on what should be said and not said. Consequently, you will not invite Dr. Leo Rebello, Dr. Kary Mullis, Dr. Peter Duesberg, Dr. Serge Lang, Dr. Gordon Stewart, Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, Dr. Robert Willner, Dr.Tom Bethel and other such highly rated scientists to challenge your medical hegemony with balanced and democratic views.

You midgets do NOT even recognise that every coin has two sides and that the Traditional and Natural Medicine is being subscribed to by over 80% world population and that the apex body WHA (World Health Assembly) has passed many mandatory resolutions on it, which AIDS Alternativa International, the only organisation of its kind has been pursuing since 1989. Not selecting the only organisation of its kind to help in Mexico 2008 AIDS Conference, proves that you do NOT believe in a paradigm shift.

I would once again urge you to include AIDS Alternativa International on the Conference Coordination Committee to balance the discourse on HIV / AIDS. I would like to bring to the front the Alternative Vision, Alternative Approaches, Alternative Medicine, Alternative Solutions, in which the IAS has been lacking in last 25 years. When Dr. Peter Piot articulated that he could not see an answer to AIDS in next 25 years, what he suggested was that the scientific community was a lost bunch of people sans direction or openness. Let 2008 AIDS Conference to be held in Mexico show a new path in our fight against AIDS - From AIDS Scare to AIDS Care - a balanced path, which will usher in peace through sustainable development.

Unless, there is a paradigm shift on AIDS and you invite me to give a Keynote address on AIDS and Alternative Approaches, it will be proved that you are all manipulators. In last 25 years IAS has not discussed anything beyond ARVs, Bullshit science called the evidence based medicine, and Condoms (the new ABC). Freely prescribing carcinogenic ARVs to tiny tots like chocolates is fraught with danger, and your continuing on the said road to the graveyard will further prove that you all are either morons or murderers (working for eugenic agenda).

Notwithstanding our differences on principles, my very best wishes. Hope better counsel prevails and you listen to a sane voice. I look forward to hearing from you.

- Dr. Leo Rebello President, AIDS Alternativa International, Bombay, India.

I agree that my language is harsh. But aren't these the very people who give Electro Convulsive (shock) Treatment, to others? So, what is wrong if I give them the dose/taste of their own medicine, especially since they manipulate and play with the lives of millions of people?

In Toronto, at the XVI International AIDS Conference, I conducted a half-day Skills Building Workshop on Diet and Nutrition for AIDS. 210 persons attended. KLM deliberately "lost" my bag containing 100 odd AIDS and Alternative Medicine books and delivered the same to me after the workshop was over. I consider that as sabotage and have since served a notice on them for a million dollar in damages.

From Toronto, I flew to Vancouver (delivered 2 lectures there), sailed in a ship, flew to Montreal and visited Cornwall/Ottawa. In Cornwall, my speech at the Pakistani annual get-together was much appreciated by 2 Canadian MPs and Cornwall Mayor, who shared the dais with me, and over 200 Pakistanis residing in Cornwall. I also visited the world famous Niagara falls and delivered a few more lectures in Mississauga, before flying to Europe.

In Europe, I visited the following countries / cities: (a) The Netherlands - Amsterdam and Rotterdam. (b) Germany - Berlin and Munich. (c) Belgium - Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, Namur and Waterloo, and returned to Bombay on Sept. 9, 2006.

Hold on, so that you get the correct picture of AIDS, I have selected for you some of my quotes from 2000 till date to make this report foolproof.

"Lord Jesus Christ was crucified only once. But AIDS patients are killed thrice over: (a) By disease, by scare, by ostracism; (b) By toxic chemicals; (c) By the frightening costs of AIDS medicines. Nobody talks of age-old Alternative Medicine. There is more Aids Scare than Aids Care". Dr. Leo Rebello

During the Traditional Healers March, Durban, 2000 - I was one of the organisers of the said March undertaken during the XIII International AIDS Conference.

"Traditional systems of medicine remain the major source of health care for more than two thirds of the world's population, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO Report 1982). Healing concerns change from illness to health. Traditional systems, which are cheaper, safer, faster, more reliable, can be a vehicle for social, political and economic liberation.

"The concept of 'renewed tradition' refers to the use of respected principles of the past, forging new guidelines for action in terms of contemporary needs. Healing is a shared resource, a right for the ill to request and a responsibility for healers (and state) to deliver. Therefore, will the World Leaders wake up and stop this obdurate obstinacy and medical hegemony unleashed by proponents of modern medicine and dictated by transnational pharmaceutical lobby, whose only concern remains profits?

"May it be noted that over the years, with the onset of modern medicine more people have died due to drugs than the war casualties, pestilence or malnutrition deaths put together. This is unnecessary and has to stop. Let us bring some humanism in medicine. Let us understand the simple truth that Health Care is Self Care". Dr. Leo Rebello, Introductory comments at Community Indaba, XIII International AIDS Conference, Durban, July 2000.

"Think over. Many people who have AIDS don't have the money to buy food, let alone the medications they need. It is necessary that they do not suffer from malnutrition - which is why it is important that patients learn to rediscover their traditional meals and medicines. The 'standard' western diet is very high in toxins. Western medicines likewise are lethal. They do not heal, they kill. Western Lifestyle + Western Diet = Western Diseases. The solution to AIDS as also to safety of human beings, development, or world peace lies in oriental wisdom". Dr. Leo Rebello, Speaking at the UN-Habitat Conference in Kenya, in February 2001.

"Latex industry: condom in simple word, even children know its use now. Boys and girls as young as 15, who were earlier afraid of sex, are now experimenting with condoms giving rise to condom ethics, condom culture, condom civilisation, condom protection, all of which is as fragile as the condom itself. There are two types of condoms - male and female.The production, sale and use of female condoms is restricted. After the 'condom accidents' the ever-alert marketing men invented 'double hat' protection, that means using two condoms to be doubly sure! Simple logic you see: if one condom can protect 50% two give 100% protection!" Dr. Leo Rebello, A paragraph from the widely circulated Report on XIV International AIDS Conference, Barcelona, 2002.

"Indiscriminate use of ARVs to pregnant mothers is fraught with danger. If a cigarette smoking mother can deliver a 'blue baby', if an alcoholic mother can deliver a 'drunk child', if thalidomide can produce 'monster babies', you are unwittingly playing with the future generation, by demanding that the HIV positive mother be given ARVs compulsorily.

"AIDS is the consequence of a suppressed immune system, which has been subjected to repeated onslaughts by four factors that build up toxins and deficiencies in the body. These are: antibiotic abuse, recreational drug abuse, anal sex (which causes toxic shock to the receiving partner) and nutritional stress.

"Realization is also slowly but surely dawning that the damage caused by the stressed immune system could be reversed by good diet, yogic and other exercises, herbs available readily, acupuncture, homeopathy, proper rest, avoidance of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, proper hygiene, etc. In other words, a person is to be treated as a whole: body, mind and spirit".

~ Dr. Leo Rebello, From the speech delivered in Dubai and Kuwait in 2002.

"AIDS is a false alarm. Let us not panic. It is not a dreaded disease as is made out to be. Ayurveda, Nature Cure, Yoga, Homeopathy and other alternative therapies hold tremendous promise in AIDS as also in so-called incurable diseases. Therefore, it is time to halt the wasteful expenditure in dead-end biomedical research and divert those funds to holistic healing modalities. Even if twenty-five per cent of the total outlay made towards biomedical research is given to alternative systems of medicine, the health graph of the world will show marked improvement. 'From Aids Scare to Aids Care', 'Aids No More', 'Health Care is Self Care', 'Humanism in Health' and 'Health, Peace and Plenty for All', should be the slogans of the New Millennium". Dr. Leo Rebello,From the Paper presented on AIDS and Alternative Medicine at the Medicina Alternativa Conference in Bombay, 2004.

"Ever since AIDS was 'rediscovered' in 1981, it has threatened the very fabric of society. It was 'rediscovered' by the proponents of Modern Medicine to camouflage its dismal performance in the cause, the course and the cure of major maladies. AIDS is called Oja-kshaya in Ayurveda, Vettai Noi in Siddha and Al-Zabool in Unani. Also, the scientific explanations given by Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani are more foolproof and medicines very effective and affordable as against the Allopathic cheating business". Dr. Leo Rebello, In my article 25 Years of AIDS Racket, released on World Doctors Day, 1st July 2006.

"In conclusion, Adolph Hitler's old adage, "Tell a lie loud enough, and long enough, and the masses will believe it," holds very true when it comes to HIV/AIDS. At least Hitler spoke out the truth, like Louis Pasteur on his death bed finally confessed that "it is not the germ, it is the terrain". But those who blame Hitler for the Holocaust do not have the decency to own up that they too have killed millions in the name of AIDS, Cancer treatment and toxic vaccines, thereby participating, willy-nilly, in the Population Control Program spelt out in the 'Useless Eaters' doctrine of the Neo Cons".

Dr. Leo Rebello in The Last Word - Bury HIV/AIDS Hoax Five-Fathom Deep - to my popular book AIDS AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, 4th Revised and Enlarged Edition, August 2006.

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