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Yoga Asanas

PADMASANA improves memory, concentration and digestion. Corrects ailments of heart and mind. Strengthens lungs, expands chest. Makes the spine supple and strong.

VAJRASANA is the only asana which can be performed on a full belly. It improves digestion, helps in dyspepsia, constipation, colitis, seminal weakness and eases the stiffness of the legs. Corrects ailments of thighs, calves, abdomen, spinal column and lumber region.

YOGA MUDRA helps in proper development of hands, legs, lumber and back. Strengthens chest and lungs. Helps in tonsillitis and asthma. Activates Kundalini.

PAWANA MUKTASANA helps in easing constipation and gases. Removes displacements, defects of the spine. Improves the spread of back and shoulders.

DHANURASANA Corrects ailments of spinal column, neck, hands, legs, abdomen, and chest. Gastro intestinal ailments, dysentery are removed. Improves digestion and corrects obesity.

PASCHIMTANASAN Specific for epilepsy. Also corrects piles and diabetes. Improves the spinal column, leg muscles and stomach tone. Waistline is trimmed. Regular practice of this posture helps gaining height.

SARVANGASANA Keeps the thyroid healthy. Beneficially influences the pelvic organs. Useful in curing varicose veins, piles, hernias, menstrual disorders. Persons with cervical spondylosis should NOT do this asana.

HALASAN Good for the neck, spine, liver and the endocrine glands. Corrects acidity and diabetes, hydrocele and hernia. Also removes flatulence.

TOLANGULASANA Corrects kidney ailments, obesity. Good for strengthening hand and leg muscles and expansion of chest.

MATSYASANA Corrects asthma, bronchitis and other lung disorders. Also good for diabetes, constipation and acidity. In this asana one can float in water like a fish.

GARUDASANA Corrects inguinal, scrotal, uterine and vaginal hernias. Also good for curing hydrocele and strengthening the leg muscles.

ARDHA - MATSYENDRASAN Builds a healthy and elastic spinal column. Removes abdominal congestion. Enlarged liver, congested spleen, sluggish and inactive kidneys are improved. Also helps in constipation and dyspepsia.

SHALABHASAN Lessens problems of the womb, menstruation and vaginal discharge. Low back, leg pains are eliminated. Laziness is washed out. Virility improves.

BHUJANGASANA Useful in cervical spondylosis, kyphosis, asthma, bronchitis and backaches. Kidneys, liver and pancreas are also toned up. Corrects ailments of hands, semen, spinal column.

MAYURASANA This asana keeps old age at bay. Digestive organs are toned up due to pressure exerted on the viscera. Digestive complaints vanish. It injects new energy.

SHIRSHASANA This asana keeps old age at bay. Digestive organs are toned up due to pressure exerted on the viscera. Digestive complaints vanish. It injects new energy.

MAKARASANA Good for insomnia, high blood pressure, nervousness and indigestion. Also helps in reducing the bulge of the stomach.

SHAVASANA Good for heart ailments, high blood pressure patients. Mental disorders, those having suicidal or criminal tendencies improve. Excellent for relaxation.

SHANKHAPRAKSHALAN Is an effective technique to cleanse the alimentary canal. In this, the patient drinks about 10 to 20 glasses of warm saline water, repeating five asanas given alongside eight times each. This Kriya takes atleast two hours and should be done strictly under expert guidance. It helps relax the valves from the mouth to the anus region expelling the faecal matter and cleansing the system fully. Specific for diabetes and other chronic diseases like acidity, ulcers, colitis, tuberculosis. Anaemic patients, thin and wiry persons start putting on weight after this cleansing process. Additional practices to be done with this are: Kunjal Kriya and Jala Neti.

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