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Dr Leo Rebello fearlessly exposes the HIV/AIDS scare for what it is and comments on the damage this industry and its current treatment philosopy is inflicting on the world, especially in developing countries. He goes on to propose an alternative approach based on natural Holistic principles, to encourage simple techniques and life changing behaviours so as to combat the effects of this age old disease.


This is an original research work that emphasizes From AID$ $CARE (business) to AIDS CARE (humane approach). It is the only book in the world which deals with Ayurveda, Diet, Herbs, Homeopathy, Kai Igaku, Nature Cure, Siddha, Unani and Yoga. Also, Homeopathic, Natural and Veggie Vaccines. Dr. Leo Rebello says: "Immune deficiency is due to many contributing causes, namely, prescription and street drugs, alcohol, homosexuality and mal-nutrition. That is why AIDS is common among the poor". The learned author adds: "AIDS is a chronic disease which can be cured effectively". Quoting from the ancient medical texts, 'Sir Leo' educates: "AIDS is called Oja-kshaya in Ayurveda, Vettai Noi in Siddha and Al-Zabool in Unani". Go for 'Immuno-Stimulants' rather than 'Immuno-Suppressants', he advises.


In Part 2: Dr. Leo Rebello tears through the HIV/AIDS lie and convinces us that the only known cause of AIDS is drugs. He rejects the "Persons Living with AIDS" notion and explains that no disease is permanent. "AIDS is a population control pogrom" he asserts. Tom Bethel, Researcher at Hoover Institute, confirms with a supporting statement: "AIDS is not a disease at all-it is a government program".


"Every person in search of Truth on AIDS must read this comprehensive and scholarly book". Prof. Dr. Zafarullah Chowdhury, Right Livelihood Award winner, Bangla Desh.


"This is the ultimate book on AIDS that nails down myths about HIV-AIDS and covers Alternative Medicine authoritatively and extensively. It is the only book so far which comes down heavily on the medicine mafia who freely prescribe lethal anti-retrovirals and protease inhibitors, and dubs modern medicine as pseudo-science. Some one had to speak the truth and Dr. Leo Rebello does it eloquently and fearlessly". Prof. Dr. Manu Kothari, Member, Thabo Mbeiki's International Expert Panel on AIDS, Bombay, India.


We would like to publish in our Greek journal some portions of your report on AIDS Conference in Barcelona. Is it ok with you? Thank you. Yours sincerely, George Vithoulkas, Right Livelihood Award Winner, Greece.

Good luck with your heroic efforts. AIDS conferences are complete farce and travesty. Best Regards. Dr. Charles Geshekter, Professor of History, three-time Fulbright Scholar, was the Adviser to US State Dept.


"I have not come across more committed, fearless and knowledgeable holistic healer, researcher and teacher than Dr. Leo Rebello, the senior-most Naturopath of India, with Mahatma Gandhi's dedication". Dr. Kumud Joshi, President INO, Maharashtra.

AIDS and Alternative Medicine

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  • Paperback: 152 pages
    Author: Dr. Leo Rebello, 4th Edition.
    Language: English
    Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.3 inches

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