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Karmaveer Puraskar 2007 - For Social Justice and Action.

DR. LEO REBELLO of Mumbai wins Karmaveer Puraskar 2007 for Social Justice and Action, for Lifetime Activism, on 26th November, 2007, at the Satyagraha Mandap, Rajghat, New Delhi. The Award winner is addressed as Noble Laureate.

Padma Bhushan M.S.Swaminathan and Padma Shri Alyque Padamsee were the two others selected for lifetime achievement.

Some other recipients of Karmaveer Puraskar in various categories included :

  • Actor Rahul Bose

  • Rock star Remo Fernandes

  • Actress Revathy

  • Actress Amala

  • Mahesh Bhupati

  • Gopi Pullela

  • Nanda and Latika Rana of Nepal.

  • Raj Bhandare

  • Bibek Anand

Guitarist/Singer Bobby Cash from Australia enthralled with his music.

Remo recited one of his powerful poems and lamented that Goa was being plundered. Bobby Sista, Pamela Gale Malhotra, Pawan Sukhadev, Adv. Mahendra Vyas, Member, Central Empowered Committee, Supreme Court of India, Dr. P.S.Jassi, Consultant IGNOU, Prof. Sanjay Deshmukh of Mumbai University (who received the award on behalf of Mr. Swaminathan), Prof. Aman Agarwal, Crispino Lobo Dr. Marcella Lobo, Jerry Almeida, President of iCONGO were present, among others.

All the award recipients attended, except Swaminathan and Bhupatis (due to illness). Paper presented by Dr. Leo Rebello during the award ceremony is as follows INNER ENVIRONMENT By Dr. Leo Rebello N.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., F.F.Hom., M.B.A. 28/552 Samata Nagar, Kandivali (E), Mumbai 400101. Mob: +91-9022805703. Website: Email:

In this world everything is in pairs : male-female, day-night, sun-moon, sweet-bitter, good-evil. Likewise, the inner environment and external environment are related.

In natural medicine, we talk of five elements, namely, Earth, Water, Air, Light and Ether (Ozone), of which our bodies as also the whole universe is made of. There is approximately 70% water in our bodies, Green planet Earth too has 70% water - what we call seas, oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, ground water, etc.

When the earth is plundered and destroyed by over use of fertilisers, food chain is contaminated and since we take such contaminated food, drink unclean water and top that with soft and hard drinks and drugs, prescription and non-prescription, we have what is known as polluted inner environment. Diseases can be classified into two : psychosomatic and somatopsychic. When we become non compos mentis (unsound mind) due to wrong intake, our solutions too are wonky; and if they be designed with only business and profits in mind, the end-result is bound to be disastrous as we see today in this WTO-GATT regime, where a private bank called World Bank rules from behind and Monsanto takes even our Supreme Court to ride.

In natural medicine we also talk of four principles: (a) Healing is within. (b) There is inner environment. (c) Treatment should not be worse than the disease, and (d) Totality of disease.

Hence, we treat/cure a patient in Holistic manner, that is, his/her body, mind and spirit. We are NOT like modern medicine experts, "who know more and more of less and less". I call those MDs, "one-organ, one-disease" experts.

All of us who have gathered here are concerned about External Pollution like water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, deadly industrial effluents, fertilisers which make our earth fallow, mounting garbage and noxious gases emanating therefrom, the plastic menace, the deadly fire crackers and colossal waste of crores during Diwali, the choked drainage, weapons of mass destruction, et al. We need to be concerned about Inner Pollution, too, because both are inter-related.

Let me list some of the deadly things that we ingest and destroy our health by conspicuous consumption and how it affects us all willy-nilly.

  • Aspartame.

  • Flouridation and Chlorination of Water.

  • Iodisation of salt, whether required or not.

  • Soft drugs like cocaine in Colas, tobacco, wines and beers.

  • Hard drugs like narcotic and psychotropic substances. When these drugs are given by your physicians it is called prescription addiction (which is 5%). When taken by you it is called substance abuse (0.2%).

  • Antibiotics and stronger Antibiotics.

  • Carcinogens, like Chemotherapy in Cancer and Anti-Retrovirals in HIV/AIDS.

  • Vaccinations.

  • Junk food and meat eating.

Discussing the UP bomb attacks, the newspapers on 24 Nov 07 said, "sugar, coffee, aluminium, potassium permanganate, and boiled cow urine - these are some of the things you can make bombs with". If you can make "cottage bombs" with these readily available items, you can well be sure what adverse effect your food and thoughts can have on you and consequently on the society and the world.

Let us now look at how our thoughts, the images that we see, the gory films and the mind-bending messages that we get on the boob tube, pornography and decadent religions pollute our minds. Anger, frustration, jealousies, insecurities, incompetence, stress, paedophilia, unnatural sex, violence and one mentally retarded leader can well press the nuclear button destroying our mother earth. Because, according to GIGO principle, garbage that goes in is the garbage that comes out. This cumulative inner garbage is the danger that is going to swallow us all and destroy our Green Planet Earth.

What is the solution you may ask. And I will not be a good Holistic Healer if I do not show you the way out.

So, absolutely NO-NO to the Aspartame, Vaccinations, Antibiotics, Carcinogens, ARVs, narcotic and psychotropic substances, viagra type of stimulants.

Reduce junk food, consumption of meat and five white products: milk, sugar, salt, maida and white rice. Instead of white rice you can have parboiled rice, instead of sugar you can have brown sugar, jaggery, honey. Instead of milk of other animals (in God's realm human being is the only animal that drinks milk even when he has grown up and that too of other species) you may have lassi, coconut water, rice milk, or soya milk.

Like Moses gave Ten Commandments to the World (and they are more or less the same in all religions), I give the activists and other well-motivated persons gathered here, ten commandments of health, following which you can live to be healthy hundred without ills, pills and doctor's bills.

1.. Eat twice a day only. 2.. Drink minimum 8 glasses of water. 3.. Meditate twice a day. 4.. Exercise for minimum 15 minutes daily. 5.. Fast once a week. 6.. Do not smoke, or take drugs, or drink alcohol. 7.. Do not gamble or cheat. 8.. Sex is not bad. 9.. Sleep well. 10. Go on Smiling.

In conclusion: A young couple named their first born NC, second arrival MC, and the third child ABC. They explained: First child was born out of Natural Curiosity. The second was planned by Mutual Consent. The third was Absolute Bloody Carelessness. Whatever you may do in life, do not become careless like that couple. DR. LEO REBELLO'S 10 COMMANDMENTS TO CONSERVE WATER 1.. Have bucket baths (25 litres) instead of shower bath (about 250 litres of water).

2.. Dispense tub baths (300 litres of water wasted). 25 to 30 litres water is enough for proper bathing.

3.. Tell your Kamwali Bai (house help) to keep the taps closed while she is soaping, brushing clothes or scraping utensils.

4.. Use half flush after urination.

5.. Do not keep the tap running while brushing your teeth or soaping your hands.

6.. Do not keep water running while shaving -- this is what mostly people do. It has been estimated that about 30 litres of water goes waste in shaving exercise. Instead, the village practice of dipping your razor or shaving brush in the mugful of water is better.

7.. Sponge old people and babies rather than bathing them. That saves water, old skin is removed, improves circulation and warmth.

8.. Repair the leaking taps immediately. Notify to authorities the tampered water pipes, water theft, etc.

9.. Reduce the use of detergents which mix in ground water.

10. Do NOT allow privatisation of water on any count. Water is free, air is free, sunlight is free, rain is free. These are God's gifts to us and no business minded people can profit on them.

Water is more precious than oil and the next world war will be fought on Water. From Somalia water mafia was thrown out. Incidentally, bottled water is dead water since it leads to plastic contamination.

It has been estimated: (a) That, the cost of women fetching water in India equals to a national loss of income of Rs.1000 crores. (b) That, nearly two million children die each year from diarrhea, which is almost 5000 deaths per day. (c) That, at any given time, half of the world's hospital beds are occupied by patients suffering from water-related diseases. (d) That, the poor people living in the slums often pay 5 to 10 times more for per litre of water than wealthy people living in the same city. Will this kind of social imbalance sustain? Conserve Water. Water is Life.

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