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A Note on Bird Flu

By Dr. Leo Rebello

Like SARS, Avian Flu is a false alarm. Don't panic, birds have been with us for centuries. Do NOT vaccinate them. Do NOT kill them in panic, for like the dead rat creates plague, millions of dead birds will create pandemic. Relax and do NOT fall a prey to this misleading propaganda. Above all, do NOT take Avian Flu shot, especially nasal spray. Because, then you will go on sneezing and spread the Avian Flu implanted in the shots by furious sneezing.


(a) Drink lots of citric fruit juices and clear soups.

(b) No solid food for 3 days. Kanji may be taken, if absolutely necessary.

(c) Warm Neem water bath will give refreshing feeling, especially when there are chills.

(d) Lots of bed rest with windows open / no direct fan.

(e) Morning sun bathing.

(f) There are many homoeopathic medicines. I am giving only the main ones here. Head remedy: Arsenic Alb 30 - 4 hourly. Intercurrent remedy: Influenzinum 30 or 200 / 4 pills, 4 hourly - not more than 3 doses. For rapid prostration: Kali Phos 30 4 pills, 4 hourly. Stop once the patient feels better. Pyrogenium 200 / 4 pills, 3 hourly if severe back and thigh pains, extreme chilliness, rapid pulse.

(g) The biochemic medicines are: Ferrum phos, Kali mur and Natrum sulph in 6 or 12 x potency 2 pills of each, 3 hourly.

(h) Ginger, cinnamon teas with honey and a dash of sour lime are good. Even mint tea will soothe.

(i) Fresh buttermilk, not refrigerated. Do NOT add sugar or salt. Similarly, one may take fresh coconut water.

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