by Dr. Leo Rebello

Many of us when asked this question may say, "What can I do?"

Well, here are a few simple things you could do:

  • Be informed that HIV is not AIDS and AIDS is not Death. It is like any other disease and Homosexuals and syringe-sharing drug addicts are more prone to it.

  • AIDS tests are unreliable and they could be false positive in 60 illnesses, including pregnancy; as if pregnancy is a disease!

  • AIDS tests are antibodies test. From antibodies test you cannot identify the virus. Incidentally, virus means poison!

  • AIDS medicines like AZT, HAART, etc. are not only costly, but dangerous too.

  • Alternative Medicines like Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, Herbs, Siddha, Yoga, and good diet offer sure cure for AIDS. Also, this Holistic Treatment is safer, cheaper and faster.

  • FROM AIDS SCARE, TO AIDS CARE is the powerful message which you should share.

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