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Beautiful and Better Smile

By Dr. Leo Rebello

Beautiful smile, with all 32 teeth showing, as depicted in Colgate toothpaste advertisements seduce many to buy that toothpaste with fluoride, which, in fact, does more harm than doing good in the long run.

Likewise all those teeth whitening products consisting of strips, gels, trays and lights, available with your dentist, pharmacy or the grocery shops are not advisable in the long run.

The ingredients of the teeth whiteners to remove stains from your teeth do more harm to the teeth, gums and buccal cavity. They wear off the natural enamel from your teeth (this is called demineralisation) due to hydrogen peroxide, and other abrasive chemicals in them.

This leads to Tooth decay which causes pain, tooth loss, infection, chewing problems, bleeding gums and serious infection that can travel to other parts of your body and make you very ill.

It is important to note that these bleaching products are fairly recent and their long term side effects are not known.

If you wish to have a really dazzling smile and strong teeth, without gingivitis and bad breath, do the following : -

(a) Take finely powdered salt, mix it with powdered charcoal and clean your teeth with your fingers. Even tobacco stains go with that. As against tooth brush which damage the gums, your finger strengthens the gums with massaging.

(b) Eat lots of crunchy vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, celery, and fresh seasonal fruits and drink citric fruit juices. They contain natural cleansers and help scrub away the stains without leeching on the calcium in your teeth and the bones.

(c) Use natural toothpastes like Mesvak, Vicco Vajradanti, Babul (Neem), Homeodent (which contains sweet fennel - good as a digestive and safe for children who eat the toothpaste), or

(d) The good old Datun stick.

In Homeopathy, for example, we have following effective remedies

Tartar formation - Fragaria (wood strawberry).

Toothache and receding gums - Ammonium Carb.

Swollen and bleeding gums - Argentum Nitricum (good also for canker sores).

Loss of enamel and gum boils - Calcarea Fluorica (good for osteoporosis, too).

To strengthen the jaws and difficult teething - Hekla Lava (good for gum abscess as well).

Keep smiling naturally; smile is contagious, why not spread a contagion?

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