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If I were Michael Jackson's Doctor, he would not have Died.

By Dr. Leo Rebello

Now it is absolutely clear that Michael Jackson was killed by western medicine.

Autopsies reveal a dangerous pattern of chemicals injected routinely or deliberately into him, bone loss (he suffered rib fractures when administered CPR) and hair loss. When he died, his stomach contained not food, but half-digested tablets.

All this goes to prove that Michael Jackson, who made the world dance to his tunes, was being used as a puppet by his handlers. If only he had consulted Holistic Health practitioners, Michael need not have died so early and in debt.

Strenuous public performance calls for some discipline. Because the neon lights, hours of preparation, travelling, practice, public expectations, business deals, security concerns, takes its toll on the person, especially if one does not have enough rest, sleep, exercise, good diet and nutrition and if one is dependent on drugs for every little ailment.

Michael Jackson would be alive today, if only he was circumspect and his family had advised him properly. If I was his doctor, I would have advised him the following regimen.

1.. Minimum 6 hours sleep. 2.. Regular exercise, consisting of Yoga asanas, pranayam, kriyas and meditation. 3.. Massage once a week. 4.. 90% Diet consisting of fresh vegetables, fruits, sprouts, salad leaves, honey, yogurts, pure ghee, coconut water, dry fruits like dates, raisins, walnuts, apricots, etc. 5.. 10% diet consisting of fish, eggs, some red wine and hot chocolates once a week. 6.. Warm water to drink to protect his throat (voice) and expel toxins. 7.. For any infection herbal and homeopathic remedies.

Michael, RIP. In your next life you can consult me for your vibrant health.

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